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Our e-book platform is specifically designed for self-publishers and smart readers. With our unique pay per page system readers are able to pay for only they pages that they read: giving self-published writers a chance to be discovered at a low cost to the reader.
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Our independent authors come from all walks of life and have amazing stories to share. Get to know them personally through their interviews and blog spots and read their books on Bouncepen one page at a time.
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Publishing on Bouncepen is free. To publish you must upload a pdf that includes a full cover page. Simply click the publish icon at the top of your page or click the Your Uploads tab on your profile page. You may sell your books at a price per page without or without free sample pages, under a subscription fee or list for free.
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The Bouncepen Book Catalogue features novels written by some of today's most talented independent authors. Click on book search icon to browse our books and start reading one page at a time.

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Those who wish to read on the site may place money on their account. It is at this stage that Bouncepen will take 12% fee. No other fees are applied at any time. Readers may then read your books according to the price you have set. No additional fees are charged for reading and no additional fees are charged for withdrawing funds