Story 1- Hug Me, Kiss Me

Jan 26, 2019 / Non-Fiction
Hug Me, Kiss Me As the months passed, I became more and more appreciative.  I was lucky, really lucky. It may sound silly, but I’m being honest.  I’m a married man, and coming home to my wife is the greatest thing ever—it’s the something . . . the someone.      For years, I feared making a commitment to her. I wanted things to be perfect for the one person on planet Earth I love most, but my life wasn’t in order the way I wanted it to be when we finally did get married.  In f

Story 2 – Farm Boy

Jan 26, 2019 / Non-Fiction
  Farm Boy   ****  An angel     All I remember was laying in the hospital bed and seeing four nurses in white watching over me. I knew my wife Nancy was near, but I don’t know how I knew it. My body felt like it was floating, but I didn’t know where it (or I) was going.  I had been warned by a few locals about my surgeon and his reputation.  His diagnosis was I needed a gallbladder operation. Being that I wasn’t a drinker and had no history of any organ trouble, n

Story 3 – Married Late

Jan 26, 2019 / Non-Fiction
Married Late (Why I Love You)   Recently I had the chance to look back upon my life and think about the people that I am so thankful to, the people who have made my life wonderful.  Although many made my list, this story is about the two ladies in my life that I met in my thirties, my wife Terri and daughter Lindsay.  This story is a work in progress, after all, as I’m still alive, learning, and doing well. Choosing where to start this story was easy.  It started with when I was pre

Story 4 – Never Alone

Jan 26, 2019 / Non-Fiction
Never Alone     Prelude    This is my story of learning how to communicate my true feelings to my wife.  Since that special day, I realize that I was never alone.        ****   As a Chinese man, I was taught many good traditional values about family, marriage, and children, but I had one struggle in my life that could have destroyed everything.  My marriage and my relationship with my daughter used to be a bittersweet story. Now it is much better.    

Story 5 – Heavenly Made, & Happily Together

Jan 26, 2019 / Non-Fiction
    Heavenly Made, and Happily Together   Prelude     “Love is not a word we Chinese people usually talk about openly, instead, we save it until a very big moment. I think that right time to share some stories of my love is here. “ Anonymous   ****    I am sitting in my home. It’s been almost four years since we had the wedding party. My wife Elaine is playing with our daughter, Eva, who is three. I try to convince myself that I’m not the romantic t

Story 6 – Don’t Jump

Jan 26, 2019 / Non-Fiction
  Don’t Jump   Prelude   Life always brings good and bad times.  When standing near a cliff, one person thinks, “If I jump, maybe it will stop the pain.” But on another day, that same person thinks, “The glory of God!”  This story is about both.    ****     My family life is most important to me now. It wasn’t always this way. As a young man, the rules about how to be a good family man were never clear, so when we started having children, my lif

Story 7 – She’s Mine

Jan 26, 2019 / Non-Fiction
  She’s Mine   Prelude    I often call myself a Pacifist Marine. I joined the Marine Corp to avoid the draft because I knew I couldn’t kill another human and didn’t want to be on the front lines. It worked. After a short time in active duty, I was still collecting benefits without causing any real harm. I think the government liked having me because I had a hell of a temper -- I almost killed someone who lived in my community during my teen years -- but more on that to

Story 8 – Leave Me Alone

Jan 25, 2019 / Blogs
  I feel very uncomfortable when people try to fix me by telling me what to do. This is especially true about my beliefs in religion and my boundaries emotionally, physically, and sexually. I was taught that there is right and wrong, and I believe this is true. But I was not taught how I can learn for myself the differences between right and wrong, without talking to a religious leader within my community. This bothered me.  So to all of those who want to fix me, I really only have one thing

Story 9 – My Wife Really Does Love Me!

Jan 24, 2019 / Blogs
  “Either my wife is not too smart, or I am missing something. Why on earth did I marry her?” I used to say this too myself during our early years of marriage. Things have changed since then.    *** I am sitting in my backyard watching my son, Emerson, play. Every now and then, he runs to me and gives me a kiss on the cheek and runs back to play, giggling all the way.  Often, I get up and play with him, but today I am just sitting and watching. Our family time is great, but it wasn