Jogging after Weightlifting


How do you feel after a heavy workout?


Do you feel slow, bulky, tired and worn out?


It may be the reason you dread getting on the cardio machines afterwards. Some profess that cardio after will inhibit muscle growth due to blood flowing out of the muscle or into the muscle (I can’t remember which one) and so they don’t do any cardio until the next day.


Are you really sure that endurance exercise will restrict your muscles from growing after a workout?


Muscle growth typically occurs because the muscles tear and therefore have to rebuild more muscle to inhibit further tearing.


Will cardio exercise undo this tearing? I think not. It might be fine to show pictures of marathon runners and compare them to hardcore mass monsters and use that as your evidence that cardio inhibits muscle growth, however, the real reason that marathon runners are thin and bony is that they don’t head to the gym and pump weights for the purpose of building muscle. If they did, I bet you’d see some jacked marathon runners, however, I bet they wouldn’t be winning gold medals for 50 km marathons any time soon!


That fact is that cardio is good for recovery. Try doing a massive workout without cardio and then another with cardio and then compare how long you experience soreness for each scenario. I already have and I can tell you that cardio decreases the duration of muscle soreness and it is a significant decrease.


In addition, I have experienced no muscle loss. But not just any cardio. I’m talking about going outside the gym and jogging at a pace that increases lung capacity.  It especially after jogging that the duration of muscle significantly decreases compared to no cardio or machine cardio.


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