09 What is the difference between the conscious and unconscious mind?

The conscious mind controls the activities you do when you are aware of a particular behavior. An example is looking at your watch to check the time or introducing yourself to someone by speaking your name. The unconscious is everything else. An example is riding a bike after you have learned each step needed: putting […]

08 What is an anchor?

An anchor is any feeling, sound, noise, or other internal or external stimuli that triggers your conscious or unconscious mind. An example of this is hearing your mobile phone beep while you are driving. Even if you are driving in rainy weather and it would be arguably dangerous to look and respond to the beep, […]

07 What is the difference between hypnotherapy and hypnosis?

Not much. In some countries, if you have the word therapy or therapist in your professional title, it is illegal, unless you qualify by their legal definition. I call myself a life coach and consulting hypnotist because the countries where I live and work, such as the United States and China, there are no laws […]

04 Why do you often tells stories and ask stupid questions?

Because the more you listen to stories and words of encouragement in English, the faster you will learn. Also, your unconscious mind learns differently that your conscious. Allegories allow your unconscious mind to make positive changes fast. Since your unconscious mind is the part of you that is controlling most of your decisions, it makes […]

02 How does hypnosis work? What are the different types of hypnosis?

These 2 questions are listed together because they are so similar. Hypnosis is a state of deep relaxation and focus. There are 4 common forms of hypnosis. We also call this a trance state. First Form. Throughout the day you go in and out of trance states. An example is while you are riding in […]

01 Can hypnosis help me with my school work and test preparation?

Yes. As a hypnotist, I have studied linguistics, methods for relaxation and focus, and skills that were developed to help you learn faster. When taking IELTS and TOEFL, you must combine test preparation skills with English skills. I can help because I am familiar with both. An example of this is practicing skills for relaxation. […]