What’s Bouncepen

This is a site, which allows you to share your written works within an online community.
What makes us special is the ability to sell your works one page at a time
This game changing concept allows people to create and sell based on user feedback.
We believe if the lean test model can work for start-ups then it would definitely work for those who create written works and the like.

How Does It Work?

Our members can help each other by giving feedback and sharing and following each other for the newest content.

With our unique buying and selling options you can spend as much or as little as you like. This means that you can read and pay for the content that you actually need.

Bouncepen also has a great social media platform which will enable you to have an identity and following.

Through chatting, sharing, subscribing, video uploading and rating each other’s written works you will be able to create a memorable presence on the web.
One of the best features of the our site is the ribbon drop down bars. These elegant drop down buttons help the user communicate with cross platform concepts such as banking, chatting, notifications and settings.
Our mission is to make the publishing process as simple and fun as possible.


Q-How do I add and subtract credit?

You can find this option at the top of the web page where the ribbon is located. Find the icon that has a money bag as the symbol . Click that symbol and you should see a drop down bar with add or subtract buttons in view. This is where you can view you balance add and subtract credit.

Q-Do you accept Paypal/strip?

Yes we accept Paypal and stripe accounts. You must have these in order to add credit.

Q- Can I use my debit card for transactions?

You can as long as you use it through a Pay pal or Stripe Account. We will have this option very soon.

Q- Where can I find my balance?

You can find your balance on the Money drop down bar located at the top of the page.

Q- How do I track what items are selling?

We have sales statistic info located on the money drop down bar.

Q- How can I make money?

You make money by selling written works on Bouncepen.com. You can sell as per page or whole. The pricing structure is totally up to you.

Q- Can I sell the whole book?

Yes you can sell the whole book or sell the book page per page.

Q- How do I make money of the per page system.

You can sell your written works as low as 0.10c per page and as high as you deem.
Bounce pen will take a %10 of any page sold.


Q-Where can I find my messages from friends?

Friends messages can be found at the top ribbon where the chat icon is located. Click on the chat button and you should find all messages from friends.

Q-Who can message me?

Only Friends at this point.

Q-Can I send files through chat?

Unfortunately we do not have that functionality installed into Bouncepen. We are working to add this feature.

Q- Are my messages recorded?

Messages are recorded in the chat system. The messages cannot be viewed by us or any third party.


Q- Where can I find friends?

Find friends by reading new material from different community members on the search page.

Q- How do I add, accept or unfriend friends?

Friend requests can be found on the people icon drop down. You can add friends by visiting their profile pages and clicking add friend link located on the top right side of the members profile. To unfriend a member from your list becomes the same process as adding a friend. Visit their profile page and select unfriend.


Q- How do I search for content?

You can find all new content community members have posted on the search page. If you are a member of Bouncepen then you can click the Bouncepen button to be redirected to the search page but if you are not a member then click on the search icon located on the home page.


Q- What kind of topics can I post?

You can post anything of any topic though for simplicity of the user experience you must select under a category available on the upload page.

Q- How do I upload my works?

Please click the green upload button on the top right of the ribbon. This will redirect you to the upload page.

Q- How do I view and edit the uploads?

You can find this option back screen page. Click the upload button or edit button to be redirected to the back page. From there there should be a uploads word selection. Click uploads word and you can find all your uploads.


Q- How do I turn sound on and off?

Sound option can be found at the top ribbon . Its a red sound icon. Click it to turn off or on.


Q- How do I create a profile?

Register you details with Bouncepen first then you will be redirected to you profile template. From there just select the thing you want to edit and you will be redirected to the edit profile page. From the you can upload a profile and timeline photo. The edit profile page is the page where you can edit you biography and password settings also.

Q- Can I add a profile photo and background?

Yes you can and this is accomplished by clicking the edit photo buttons or the edit profile button located on the profile page.

Q- Can I share a biography on my profile?

Yes we encourage our members to market themselves using this option which can be found on the edit profile link.

Q- Who can view my profile?

Anyone can view your profile. Only friends can view photos and use the chat functionality.

Q- What’s the profile for?

The profile allows you to Market your self to make more money.

Q- How do I edit my profile details?

Edit profile link found at the drop down bar found on the top ribbon or on the profile page where the edit photo button.


We see bouncepen moving towards a global brand. Helping people promote and sell themselves through our site. We see bouncepen catering for authors and book lovers initialy and then moving towards other types of industries such as fitness and entertainment.


Our mission is to cater for authors and readers initially. We plan to incorporate a new innovative book creator never seen before, a unique mapping system for improved engagement and marketing and a community based chat room. We hope to hit these advancements in the next 2 years.