Affiliate relationships vid 1

Video 1 How SEO (search engine optimization) is changing and how you can use it to grow your company and revenue.

This video talks about 3 things:

A) What a platform is

B) What an affiliate relationship is

C) How you can join us and the fees and skills needed.

A platform is an online website where you can post your content (videos) for free and grow your audience.

The big 3:

01) youtube

02) tiktok

03) reels (facebook)

What is an affiliate relationship

An affiliate relationship is where you can sell products (of companies you “work” for) as an affliliate. An example of an affiliate relationship is when you make videos of toys (or any product) you own and your children play with. We will post these to youtube. When someone sees the video and uses your affiliate link to the buy the products, you make money. Here is a short list of stores / companies we can work with:

General categories:

01) a toy store or major toy manufacturer

02) cigar or whiskey shop

03) a store that sells sports equipment, like basketballs — we have basketballs and other sports equipment.

Highlight these products by offering affiliate links.

Specific stores:

01) Hungry Jacks — they probably have promotions going on hot chocolate and products like that

02) zoo — sell tickets — offer discounted tickets to your youtube viewers to visit the zoo

03) etsy

04) amazon — the book

05) printify

Skill people have that we are looking for

A comprehensive list of the skills people can offer is not listed here, as it would be too large. However, we need video editors, video makers, and people who either have good knowledge of tech or want to learn with a team. People involved with social media who love sharing video posts are important.

Tech specs

Currently, (Rick) I do most of my work with a macbook pro and ipad air. I also use several different online services for posting and editing videos.

Most people with work with are making videos using iphones and ipads. The more convenient your video making device is the better.