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Gina Lin

Hello and welcome.  

I love collecting stories about people's lives and sharing the hardships and successes. Please join me by sending an email. My team will contact you and learn more about your life story. 

The process for sharing is simple: 
1)  send us an email 
2) we will contact you by email and set up a phone call 
3)  The brief chat will focus on learning a little about your story. 
Although all people's lives have valuable experiences, we are looking for specific dynamics that will complement (fit well with)  the current stories and interviews we have done recently.  
4)  The interviews are intended to be relaxing and fun and  there is nothing you can do to prepare for your interview.  
5)   After the interview is over, we will send you a brief outline of major points discussed. 
6)  Once we write your story, you will have the chance to review it and offer us feedback before it is finalized.  

Thank you for your interest.  

Gina and team  


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