Beep 25 to 60 seconds

How this works :

There are 2 parts to a well structure speaking response:

part 1) introduction

part 2) story with details

Below a short list of topics.

These topics are either from part 1 or part 3 of IELTS speaking test.

First read the topic.

Second, click the button. After clicking the button, you will hear a beep.

Third, begin speaking your introduction (sometimes called a part A).

Finish your introduction before you hear the second beep.

when you begin part 2, the story and details, you will focus on grammatical accuracy and range.

Continue speaking until you hear another beep. This is called the 1 minute beep.


01 Talk about a hobby you enjoy doing on a weekly basis.

Notice: if you did not finish your introduction when you hear the second beep at 25 seconds, you may be taking too long. Most introductions in the IELTS speaking are spoken in 10 to 15 seconds when the candidate (test taker) is aiming for a band 6.5 or higher.

02 Describe a subject in school you enjoy learning.

03 Do think many of the people in your country enjoy attending sporting activities after work?