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What is the purpose of this page?

This is our official page that updates are members of new story content that has arrived or is coming soon.

The stories we write are about people who all have 1 thing in common : They experienced trauma in their lives and now they are moving on because they have all experienced hypnosis.

You can preview the stories here and vote on titles for each story.

These are the current titles of the stories :

A He is So Strange!

Subtitle:" So Why Do I Like Him?

Publication date: early September 2021


A woman struggles to leave an emotionally abusive relationship with her boyfriend. During the struggle, the only life line offered to her is to trust a strange man, an author, mentalist, and hypnotist, who she meets while working abroad. The only word she can fing to describe this mysterious man is "Strange."

B The Vibrator

Subtitle: My Boyfriend or Vibrator?

Publication date: September 2021


A young woman is preparing to leave her boyfriend, so a close friend encourages her to find other methods to meet her sexual needs. Because of her religious upbringing, the journey towards buying a new toy is filled with confusion. Will she be able to move on?

C How I Messed with His Mind

Subtitle: My Ex Boyfriend -- The Stalker

Publication date: Late August


A young woman is getting unwanted attention from an ex boyfriend who doesn't no the meaning of the word "No." Frantic, she calls a trusted friend and mentor and together they confront the stalker.

Notice: This story is being prepared for Amazon.  There is not a downloadable version on this site but we will offer a free ebook (kindle) download on amazon.  There is a preview here. Notice, there is 1 or more polls on the preview page. We look forward to hearing from you about this story.

D The Rape & The Revenge

Subtitle : I Didn't Even Need a Knife

Publication date: September 2021


A woman is raped by a trusted religious community member. After fleeing her hometown, she finds new friends in a new country but the only person able to help her is a man. Since she has never had a healthy relationship with a man, especially a relationship that requires talking about the rape, she is left in a big struggle.

E More stories are coming

We are waiting on our community to determine the themes and so on. Take our survey and share this website with family and friends. Our choices for themes are stories are driven by you, our members and readers.


Why do people share their story?

What are the benefits?

We all have behaviors in our lives that we want to change. This could be stopping a smoking addiction, or the desire to get higher scores in school.  The stories you read are about here involve people who, one day, said "I want change."

How do you change? In RK's experience, when you are ready, change happens quickly. 

All you need to do is take the survey and prepare for a follow up call with Rick.

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