Book Blog^

Our current book project is a nonfiction memoir. Currently, 3 stories have been chosen to be published in this book.

Expected date of publication on amazon as a Kindle: July 30.

If you have read 1 of the current stories, you are a beta reader.

These are the current titles of the stories :

a The Hurts

b The Vibrator

c The Stalker

We will be sending a link soon so you can purchase the book on amazon. When you do it based on the date we offer, you will receive points.

We are looking for the following people to help us with this and future publications.

01 Beta readers

02 Editors : Our current date to update this link is August 1

Notice, editing positions offer great point options for free hypnosis meetings.

03 People who want to help use promote the books through social media. July 20