Brian Affiliate relationship list

Note : dates and time are flexible : this pages is created to offer 1 central location to organize activities

01 our online (affliliate) stores

We need to discuss who will investigate return policies and so on.

These include :

A) amazon

Brian : call them and ask or sent an email

B) shopify

con: starts at $25 per month — too much until we are making money

C) etsy

pro: to simplify etsy’s policy: its our shop so we can make our own policys

con: unless you sign up with an affiliates subscription that offers free listings, we must pay $00.25 or some amount per listing.

con : still looking into other costs

D) Printify

E) Spreadshirt

02 video posting platforms

A) youtube

B) tiktok

C) Reels

03 affliliate relationships

Any company whose products we feature in our videos.

Hint: a store you have bought health supplements, toys, or beauty products from that you already use.

i) make a list of companies / brands and their products that you are making vids for.

Hint: you don’t need to have 10,000s views in a video to learn about them and contact them.

i) they can drive traffic to your site

ii) we only get paid when someone uses our affiliate link on tiktok and so on



Toy – Beyblade

Company name – Hasbro

Website –



Toy – Cars and tracks

Company name – Hotwheels

Website –



Toy – Goo Jit Zu Company name

Company name – Character options LTD

Website –

Even their website is confusing


Talk about how to format and create videos with the crazy hypnotist playing role


sept 14 your notes

1 – Create would-be game characters and put the images into videos alongside will known game characters.
2 – Create a few simple comic book sketches and make them into short videos as well.

  1. Create YouTube posts, polls, quizzes in the community about them.
  2. Create YouTube competitions.
    5 – Place the characters on merchandise and sell them.
    6 – Contact companies and ask if we can be affiliates.
    That’s it.


Kids channel – notes and links


Fun videos for you to check out

video game – 2 d

06.5 another vid about being in a computer game

timeline of wechat comments


wechat comments by date

Sept 20

I’m going to start writing scripts for myself when I start making videos. The only real way to get a good following is to make videos where you talk to the audience. Basically I want to start competitions where viewers have to write 25 words or less about certain things and then they get mentions or win small prizes. Eventually it lead to purchases and sign-ups and whatever.