Editor, Proofreader, or Beta reader^

What the difference?

This page has 2 purposes.

The first 1 is a link.

It gives a link to a comprehensive overview of the entire editing process.

Click here to view a link to scribbr.

The second is the 3 categories of people who can assist with the book projects: editors, proofreaders, and beta readers.

If you have questions, please let us know.

01 Editor

An editor is a paid position.

The idea editor will have the following:

01 Enjoys reading the type of stories we write.

02 Wants to make extra money while helping build our community.

03 Is interested in learning about hypnosis and how it helps people heal and become stronger.

04 Loves to use social media, such as facebook, instagram, and so on, and shares posts regularly

If you answered yes to all of these, check back on August 15 to see if your survey is available.

02 Proofreader

A proofreader is a paid position.

A proofreader must have the skills of an editor and agree to the editor qualifications: 01 to 04

03 Beta reader

A beta reader is not a paid position.

Our beta readers, however, do have opportunities to build points towards free hypnosis meetings and other benefits.