Elim concerns sept 18

First concern

We are still a little scattered and its understandable. I sent you 4 videos yesterday by using wechat and you didn’t see them or you forgot i had sent them. I tried uploading videos like these 2 or 3 days earlier to bouncepen and we had sound problems, so i uploaded these directly into wechat.

We must discuss how to solve this concern on Sunday.

Question #1, where can I upload them so you will always know where to look?

Question #2 , how many should i upload? I thought 3 or 4 would be fine so you could choose the better quality.

This is the process I go through when I take a video on my ipad using my microphone and integrator:

A) make the video

B) upload it to the mac because i must change it from mono (1 speaker) to stereo.

C) use garage band to make the change into stereo

D) convert from a non-mp4 to mp4 using on line converter.

E) upload to invideo

Note 1: I can do 4 or 5 of these in 1 day — i only follow this process with my ipad since that is how i make my short-vids

I believe we already concluded on the following questions:

A) where i can upload videos so you can find them easily — i will send them to google drive

i) all videos i upload will have the file number from the master list of topics — see D below

B) you can convert any video (or audio) recording from mono to stereo using invideo

C) you can take a variety of video formats and export (convert into mp4) them.

D) https://www.bouncepen.com/vids-shorts-sept/

this is our link (index) for all videos we make — all identifying numbers and names will be posted here.


Second concern

In my mind, you are an essential member of the video creation team we have now.

I expect to have others join us and the number of vids we make to go up. The question we need to answer is “how can we do things more efficiently?” I realize that it may have been my fault when you did not see the vids in sent in wechat and that confused regarding your tasks. Sorry if i confused you.

All of that will change in the next 48 hours. We will review the process.

I am hoping I will see you spontaneously create great content as part of your daily routine, most of which will be subject-specific to our projects. We need to set some guidelines and rules that will expedite video making, editing, and posting.

Third concern

You need to become aware of your triggers more and more. When you are feeling triggered, and you accuse me of sounding or acting like your mother, I do not believe that is fair to me. Do you agree?

My concern : at some point we need to reduce and eliminate the triggers that prompt the discussion about me “acting like my (your) mother.”

I said the word “boss” today and you were unhappy. Call me whatever you want, such as “team leader.” If we do not agree on timelines and hit our goals , someone needs to say something. We can also call it “accountability partners.”

Here is 1 variation of the 3 step process:

A) when the awareness of it comes to you, count back from 5.

B) stop and enjoy the feelings (as uncomforable as they may be) and remind yourself “they are only feelings. I accept them. They are a memory about a past event that is over. In fact maybe the event never happened.”

C) Than do tapping or something kinesthetic as you say, “I Let it go.”

Yes, you can even do this during 1 of our meetings.

Forth concern

My goal is to have a team where we will easily be able to produce 10 or more (many more) vids per week. I want to see this in October. For example, I plan to make videos that are 2 to 4 minutes in length explaining hypnosis and such. I want to fill up a website with videos by the end of October.

Early to mid- October is the time to share with people what we are doing and to see who might want to join. But we must have at least 15 or more vidoes to show on tiktok and youtube. We may have 4 or 5 people on “the team of video creators.” Currently we have 3 (4 if you consider emerson).

Fifth and final

The goal is to agree on a process so i can send you the vid short easily. Today, sunday, I am playing with different options. We can discuss this tonight also.

In summary – you have the skills and the interest to get this done. All we need is to organize better by having a process we know works well for each actitivy.