01 How can hypnosis help me with my school work and test preparation?

As a hypnotist, I have studied linguistics, methods for relaxation and focus, and skills that were developed to help you learn faster. When taking IELTS and TOEFL, you must combine test preparation skills with English skills. I can help because I am familiar with both.

An example of this is practicing skills for relaxation. A common definition for hypnosis is focused deep relaxation. Another word used to describe this same state of consciousness is a trance state. We all experience trance states throughout our day. Because of my training, I am able to utilize this naturally occurring state both during our meetings and by offering other resources.

To learn more, ask me.

02 I have heard people say “I am a slow learner? Can your methods help me learn faster?”

We often hear students describe themselves as slow or unmotivated. In most cases, students struggle because they are trying to learn skills that they are practicing wrong or that do not work for them.

The fact is I do not have slow students. Once I determine their method of learning, I teach them based on that.

Let’s get specific. I have had students struggle for 1 to 2 years (perhaps longer) to learn IELTS speaking. After I do an assessment with a student and they learn what they are doing wrong, their speaking band 5.5 often jumps to a band 6 in about 15 days. This is especially true with speaking and writing scores.

In fact, most Chinese students score a half a band (0.5) lower than they should because they are using skills that are not working for them. Let me repeat that. Most Chinese students should be scoring a half a band higher anyway.

An example of a skill is note taking. When a student learns how and when (and when not ) to take notes, his or her scores sees improvement rather quickly.

Here is a fun allegory: Imagine you are walking up a mountain carrying your best friend on your back. You are carrying your best friend on your back because you were told by people you trust, such as parents, teachers, and maybe a religious leader, “if you really love your best friend, you will carry them because they need you.” One day you meet up with a wise man and he asks you, “Why are you carrying your friend on your back?” You respond to the man as though the question is stupid, “What other option do I have?” As you ask this question, you feel guilty because the thought comes “Why am I daring to question this?”

The wise man responds with a big smile, “Let her walk by herself. Her body is young and strong.” You stand for a while looking at your friend wondering if asking her to get off your back will seem insulting or painful. The last thing you want to do is hurt anyone’s feelings. Something else happens while you stand there. You realize how tired you are. Your hands, your back, and your legs are all crying for relief. Against your better judgement while the wise man is still staring at you, you prepare to ask your friend to climb off your back. Guilt continues to come, and then something wonderful happens. She kisses you on your check and jumps off of your back.

What happens next is even more wonderful. She makes a comment that you never considered. “I can see why people told us this in the beginning, after all, I did have an injured leg. But I feel fine. I love you. You were always there for me, but it is times for me to help you now.”

She grabs you by your hand and the two of you tell the wise man “thank you, thank you, thank you,” and together you run up the mountain at speeds you never imagined.

If you felt happy and relaxed when you read it, then 2 things happened. You experienced a form of trance state and your unconscious is giving you permission to let go of one or more beliefs that are stopping you from achieving your goals.

Contact me. It is my job to help you change those old beliefs that are stopping you from achieving your goals.


03 Why do you often tells stories and ask stupid questions?

Because the more you listen to stories and words of encouragement in English, the faster you will learn. Also, your unconscious mind learns differently that your conscious. Allegories allow your unconscious mind to make positive changes fast. Since your unconscious mind is the part of you that is controlling most of your decisions, it makes sense that I work with that part of you.

04 Does your approach to education work at any age?

Yes, I work with students from ages 5 and up.