FAQ Students

001 Why do I see the ford “Final” in my writing task file names?

The word final means that this version (the date) is currently the best version of this assignment. You can use this Final to learn and study writing for the test.

It does not mean the writing task is perfect or a high score. However, most finals in IELTS are written at a score of at least band 7 and TOEFL 24. Since each student is at a different level, most of these files calls Finals are never written at a band 9 or TOEFL 30. Because they are a good example of the student’s writing ability, they are written at the students current level.

002 How long does it typically take a student to study IELTS or TEOFL before they can get a high score?

If you are a high school student in China, the common time is 2 years. However, most of these students study no more than 1 to 2 hours per week during a common school week. In other words.

003 Why does studying for an English test as a non-native speaker typically take so long?

1 to 2 years of study is typical because the students must learn a lot of vocabulary and they must become familiar with the different parts or passages in each section of the test. For IELTS and TOEF the 4 sections are speaking, writing, listening, and reading.

Once a student learns enough new words, then the student must learn how to quickly think about answers. Both of these skills take time.