This page includes questions and answers about contacting us and becoming involved in our community.

The best way to contact us is the blue chat window in the lower right hand corner of this screen. If you do not hear back from us by email within 2 days, visit us again for more updates on this page.

Notice, updates are typically published in red.

This website has an FAQ page for each main blog page. Including this FAQ page, there are 4 main blog pages as of January 2020.

Here are the other 3 blog pages:




Question 1

Q1 How do you make money?

A1 Currently, we are not charging for any items on the website. You can read and listen for free.

A2 Soon we will have a store that will offer products and services. Rick is an author. His goal is to build a community of people who love listening to audio books, podcasts, and people who love reading.

A3 We offer one on one coaching (classes) to students. The fees vary depending on length of meetings and content.

Examples of coaching are one on one meetings for IELTS and TOEFL training. To learn more, go to the Students blog page.

Question 2

Q2 I sent you a message using the contact button or another one, however, I have not heard anything back. When will you respond and send me updates?

A1 You will notice on this website a blue instant chat buttons. Its says, “Chat with us.” It is located at the lower right hand side of the screen. We are currently testing this function, so you are encouraged to use it.

A2 Our current goal is to send emails to all registered users by the end of January. We are testing new email systems, so your patience is appreciated.

As of December 27, we have sent email updates. If you did not get one, please use “chat with us” blue button below.