The following is a list of grammatical structures used in English to form sentences.

This list is merely a short summary. It is designed to have a close look at the most common grammatical errors students make globally, according to our research.

For a quick review of the different parts of speech, see the document called Parts of Speech.

What is a phrase? “In the morning. . .”

A phrase is defined as 2 or more words that work together, but it does not have a verb.

2) What is a clause? “I am happy.”

A clause is 2 or more words that work together, and it does have a verb.

3) What is the difference between dependent and independent clauses?

Example: I am happy because I will go to the movies tonight.

independent : I am happy.

b. dependent : . . . because I will go to the movies tonight.

4) What is a sentence? “I am happy.”

There are 3 main categories of sentences.

a. simple – “I am happy.”

b. compound – “I am happy, but I am also hungry.”

c. complex – “I am happy because I met you.”

5) How do conjunctions work?

a. The underlined words above in 4, b and c, are called conjunctions.

b. The list of conjunctions used to form compound sentences is small. There are only 7.

- the list:  for, and, nor, but, or, yet, so        

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c. Here is a list of conjunctions to form complex sentences. This is not a complete list.

after, although, as, because, before, except, even if, even though
if, once, provided that, rather than, since, that, though, unless, until
when, whenever, where, whereas, which, while, who, whose

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Assignment: Choose 10 of your favorite complex conjunctions from above.

1 __________________________________________________________________________

2 ___________________________________________________________________________

3 __________________________________________________________________________

4 __________________________________________________________________________


6 __________________________________________________________________________

7 ___________________________________________________________________________

8 __________________________________________________________________________

9 __________________________________________________________________________

10 __________________________________________________________________________