Great video examples sept

Here is a link to videos I like because of how they were presented.

update on sept 19 — #3

I have videos that are specific to SEO so i mark them with SEO – in other words, they offer advice about how to grow a channel

We have 3 primary goals: A) improve our video making B) make vids faster C) do all of this in accordance with the formula for the platforms where we publish.

2 important research points to remember : A) we are going to classify ourselves with channels like charisma on demand – not the negativity stuff we have seen B) we are watching to see how surveys and so on are offered on all 3 major short platforms (tik, YT, Reels)

Music is also essential to making great vids.


Dr Turley and Jordan Peterson

02 charisma on demand ; he does exactly what i want to do : offer shorts with part 1, 2, 3 and so on

This is Dale Carnegie all over again.


Hit ❤ & remember to be that person at party 🙏 #charisma #spreadjoy

♬ original sound – Charisma on Command

03 sept 19 added – kind of a hypnosis memory video

04 a tiktok vid — good ideas but we need to expand


Brands are desperate for creators, you just have to learn how to get in front of them. If you’re looking to be a full time creator, let’s talk. #creators #contentcreators #ugccreator #branddealtiktok #tiktokgrowthtips

♬ Blade Runner 2049 – Synthwave Goose

05 SEO

06 relatable / fun and relaxing

07 interest – social : he talks about keeping up with people’s ever changing interests.

following people as the evolve


You’ll always stay longer if it’s about things you’re into NOW versus people who were interested WHEN

♬ original sound – Gary Vaynerchuk

08 new skills in 2022 a tiktok vid from elim posted sept 22 morning, china time

09 new channel

10 sept 23 I survived 50 hours in 2D


11 SEO a good summary of how she grew — 3 tiktok method

her advice is not helpful – we will not publish so many

12 gay vids i really like this format.

they put together so many different vids, similar to what we are dong. it is conflicting / challenging . it gets non-gay men thinking.

I cant wait to do one like this soon.

13 SEO one of the better guys – i like his summary

his notes : watch time, shares, saves, etc

14 another great SEO vid


Tiktok SEO and how to rank for SEO on TikTok in 2022. #tiktokseo #SEO #tiktokkeywords #keeansocial #keywordsearch #searchengineoptimization #rankforSEOonTikTok #tiktokseohacks #SEOtiktok #SEOonTikTok #whatisseo #seooptimization #seomarketing #seokeywordsearch What is SEO? How do i rank for SEO on TikTok? How to rank for tiktok SEO. How to rank for seo on TikTok. How to get more views with SEO. Seo keyword research on tiktok. SEO marketing tips

♬ Fallen down – Slowed – 「Incørrect」

15 neil patel this is the guy who runs uber suggests, I think


Is TikTok coming for Google? 🤺 #nearby #nearbyme #google #tiktokseo #SEO #tiktokkeywords #keywordsearch #SEOonTikTok #seooptimization #seomarketing Tiktok Nearby feed. Nearby update TikTok. Nearby feature. TikTok SEO. What is SEO? How to rank for tiktok SEO. How to rank for seo on TikTok. Seo keyword research on tiktok.

♬ original sound – Neil Patel

16 object perminance — this is a video you could do if you connect it to hypnosis – example , after being hypnotized, I learned bla bla


I may constantly misplace my things, but it’s still worth it 😌 #lgbtq #lgbtia #lesbian #queer #adhd #adhddating #datingwithadhd

♬ original sound – Moe

bla bla bla

17 magician magic and demonic stuff very hypnotic

18 need new content

19 Jordan peterson — discussing family and long term – after age 55 —

20 this video is chosen because he is growing weekly, its a voice over with sexy women, words on a screen, and sex advice.

21 charisma on command date cancels on you