Great video — we dont like sept

Here is a link to videos I like because of how they were presented.

I have videos that are specific to SEO so i mark them with SEO – in other words, they offer advice about how to grow a channel

I added the links . When you find great vids, post them here. They can be in 1 of 2 categories: A) videos about improve traffic that you want to refer to time and again B) videos for improving our video quality.

We have 3 primary goals: A) improve our video making B) make vids faster C) do all of this in accordance with the formula for the platforms where we publish.

2 important research points to remember : A) we are going to classify ourselves with channels like charisma on demand – not the negativity stuff we have seen B) we are watching to see how surveys and so on are offered on all 3 major short platforms (tik, YT, Reels)

Music is also essential to making great vids.


need a new one

02 charisma on demand


04 a tiktok vid —

05 SEO

06 relatable / fun and relaxing

07 i dont like this channel too charged and negative


Being raised in a hostile environment impacts: our self worth, how we relate to other people, & how we see the world around us.

♬ Inspiring Emotional Piano – Metrow Ar

08 this girl makes good points but it would be your job to create this channel – i dont see us using this


#stitch with @kimmuenchparentcoach its been a wild 22 years and o could talk about how messed up this world is for hours #genzforchange #genzforchoice #genzvsboomers #genzvsgenx #genzvsmillenial #anxietysquad

♬ We Rise Against (Full) – Jonathan Paulsen

09 nothing to critique just plan fun

10 i dont get it nothing to critique

11 SEO a good summary of how she grew — 3 tiktok method

her advice is not helpful – we will not publish so many

12 gay vids i really like this format.

they put together so many different vids, similar to what we are dong. it is conflicting / challenging . it gets non-gay men thinking.

I cant wait to do one like this soon.

13 SEO one of the better guys – i like his summary

his notes : watch time, shares, saves, etc

14 this girl is lovely but to do vids like this, you need to do them — i think you can attract people with vids like this

15 do you agree with this advice ?

16 object perminance — this is a video you could do if you connect it to hypnosis – example , after being hypnotized, I learned bla bla

17 negativity i dont like it


#duet with @genuinedegenerates Thank you for sharing 💜 For anyone unable to access therapy, we have a Podcast to help raise awareness about the impact of childhood trauma #InSightPodcast #childhoodtrauma

♬ State Lines – Novo Amor

bla bla bla

17 magician magic and demonic stuff very hypnotic

18: Notice how they are giving examples of healthy relationship etc using movies

19 Jordan peterson — discussing family and long term – after age 55 —

20 this video is chosen because he is growing weekly, its a voice over with sexy women, words on a screen, and sex advice.

21 charisma on command date cancels on you