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01 7 edits to going viral


I Edited The Same Video 7 Times & On The 7th Time It Got 50 Million Views

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Tiktoks advantage sept 24


Are you familiar with brandformance? Our CEO @garyvee discusses the Vayner Volume Model – where you create content at volume and let the audience decide which piece resonates the most. As a result, this will lead your ad strategy given the team has insights that guarantee relevance. What do you think is more important – relevance or reach? Let us know in the comments below.

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Elim sent on sept 24


Elim sent on sept 24

hypnotic channel — does what we do in hypnosis


7 great hooks

08 me beast insane editing




neil — how tictok works


2 things … this video really matters to all of you ❤️❤️❤️ #22he start of this video is making me laugh 😆 that full mouth life is too much ahahahahah 😛

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tiktok and reels comparison


have you started repurposing your content on to youtube shorts yet?? when are tiktok and IG going to start giving us ad revenue for keeping users on their app?? also loving these new captions tiktok!! #youtubeshorts #igalgorithm #aspiringcontentcreator #aspiringinfluencers #microinfluencertiktok

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