Hypnosis* – 2022

Hint: Watch long enough and you can see RK’s real face.

Coming soon: Links to view these videos while in China and other countries.

The Process for Healing

01 What is hypnosis? RK’s animated video — a comedic perspective

02 What is hypnosis? coming soon — a serious perspective

03 The 3 step process

The Healing Process: It’s really a lot of fun.

11 Can you see the monkey?

12 Let’s talk about aliens!! Yes, I mean people or creatures from other planets.

How to Prepare to Schedule a Session

21 Scheduling an appointment — fees and links

22 Link to hypnosis tracks – listen for free

23 Link to hypnosis tracks – choose a track

24 A Hypnosis Session with Batman

Videos and Interviews

31 The Zombie Trance — part 1

32 The Zombie Trance – part 2

33 The Zombie Trance – Learning how to spot it.

34 The Zombie Trance – How do we break you out of it?

35 The Hypnotized Cat

36 The Hypnotized Cat in Chinese