Hypnosis* scheduling in July

There are 2 types of calls Rick offers:

A.  A Full Session : Fees for Online and Face to Face

B.  Non-session Follow-ups / Informal Calls

01 Online and Face to Face Sessions 

Currently, most sessions are done online.

Sessions usually last for 1 hour to 1. 5 hours. The duration is flexible since the focus is you relaxing and feeling better.  

Session fees are $150 USD.  Ask about discounts.  

We offer three payment options currently: 

01 wechat pay 

02 alipay  

03 paypal  

If you do not use any of these methods, other arrangements can be made. If you have questions about discounts, or payment options, contact Rick directly at the following number:

313 326 2218 (USA — leave a message – allow 48 hours for a response)

Or send an email to bouncepen@gmail.com

If sending an email, in the subject line type:  Paying for a session  

02 Non-session Follow-ups / Informal Calls 

A Non-session call means a call requested by a client who needs to talk with Rick for 10 to 20 minutes. An example of an Non-session call is the individual has a question or 2 regarding a recent session.  

Non-session calls are available only to clients who are enrolled in sessions and actively pursuing change work.

Most clients schedule 3 to 5 visits, with no more than 1 session per week, within approximately a 2-month period. 

We encourage you to book only 1 session per week since you will probably request at least 1 Non-session call for follow up. Most clients see significant change in less than 6 weeks. The number of sessions depends on what change work you are pursuing.    

A word of encouragement: Change work happens quickly, and you are in control.  All you need is a small library of resources and a community that understands and knows how to help you.  

Our Community is not an Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) support group. 

We are not a 12 step program, such as AA. This means when you join and schedule a session with RK, join a podcast, or make a video with us, you are speaking with someone who is trained.    

Why do people request a session with a hypnotherapist?

Sometimes your reason for attending sessions is obvious. An example of this is you want to quit smoking or another habit you consider “bad.” Feel free to listen to a podcast or watch one of our videos on this subject.    

Sometimes the reason for booking a session with Rick is not clear. Instead, you know “something” doesn’t feel right. We call this a red flag. In this case, it may take 1 or 2 sessions to discover what change you want to make. 

The term red flag is a common term used by Rick. To learn more about this, read a preview of the book The Zombie Trance.

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To read an FAQ list of common topics asked about hypnotherapy, click here.