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C011 Introduction

Question: Why do you offer voice tracks?

Answer: It takes most non-native English speakers a short time to adapt to Rick’s voice. These tracks will build your confidence and answer some of your questions as you continue with your classes.

C012 Habits : Good and Bad

Question: What do you mean by good habits and bad habits? Are you judging my lifestyle?

Answer: As a therapist, Rick focuses on behavior. The words good and bad refer to behavior that generally helps or hurts students who are attempting to achieve higher scores.

The words good and bad do not refer to personality characteristics, so you should not interpret them as a personality judgement.

If you are concerned about this, ask him. As a therapist, he is happy to discuss questions beyond test preparation.

C013 Studying from the dictionary

Question: I have been told to study from the dictionary. Do you recommend this?

Answer: The easy answer is no. Click below for more information.

C014 What is Fluency?

C020 What is the Difference : IELTS band 5.5 to 7

C023 Hypnosis / Meditation tracks

Question: Why do you offer hypnosis and meditation recordings as part of your academic training for IELTS, TOEFL, and so on?

Answer: Rick is both a trained therapist and has many years of teaching experience, so integrating these two was a natural choice.

Important links

Examples of IELTS speaking.

Hypnosis recordings to help you relax

H014 The Ocean and Fear is most current. Many students have reported it was helpful.

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