IELTS: first time test takers

The following is a list of helpful tips students need to remind themselves of before they take IELTS at a Cambridge Center for the first time.

01 They remind themselves “My score doesn’t matter. I am attending the test to experience it.”

02 Students are encouraged to review (experience) all 4 sections and each subsection of the test.

Examples of subsections are task 1 and 2 of writing.

03 Realize you will probably take the test, within a 2 year period, 4 to 6 times.

Since IELTS is arguably one of the most prestigious English tests in the world, achieving a band score of 6.5 or higher for a non-native speaker is considered a high honor.

04 A high score requires both good English and test taking skills.

Test taking skills are not “natural.” You do not typically learn these even as an Asian student. You must train in these skills regularly.

The best you get at them, the more you will begin to understand that test taking is not a cognitive, conscious skill. It is an unconscious, intuitive skills. This is why we use hypnosis in the process.

05 If you are learning IELTS at a 6.5 or higher and you are attempting to study at by using 50% English and 50% native language, you will probably hit an invisible ceiling because your native language will slow down your progress.