IELTS Speaking Part 2 Topics

The following is not a complete list of topics. It is a list that we assembled over about a decade (10 years).

Describe (talk about). . .

01 a musical event you enjoyed attending.
02 a situation when you helped someone.
03 a film you saw and really like.
04 a skill you learned recently.
05 a team project you were involved in.
06 a place in your community where you like to visit.
07 a time when you cooked food for friends or family.
08 a friend of your parents that you like.
09 a place you often drink coffee or tea.
10 a law in China that you think is important to you.

11 an experience when you gave your opinion in a questionnaire or survey.
12 a restaurant you like that is near your home.
13 an important meeting you attended at your school.
14 an antique in your family that is valuable.
15 a famous building in your city/ country.
16 a plant that is important in your country.
17 a recent event in your life that was important to you.
18 a park or public place that you visit often.
19 a time when you were stuck in a traffic jam.
20 a task you did recently that was challenging.

21 a historical event you think is important.
22 a hobby you enjoy.
23 a news story you recently heard that was exciting.
24 a time when you played with an animal.
25 a person who has influenced your life.
26 your favorite subject in school.
27 a pet you think is cute.
28 your favorite olympic sport.
29 your favorite piece of clothing.
30 a book you read recently.

31 your favorite toy when you were young.
32 your best friend.
33 an activity you do weekly that you don’t enjoy.
34 a place you visit where there are a lot of books.
35 a place you visited that is surrounded by animals.
36 a memorable conversation you had with one of your parents.
37 a department store where you shop.
38 your first kiss.
39 a time when you were lost.
40 a modern building you visited recently.

41 a piece of clothing a relative gave you that you like.
42 your favorite place to shop.
43 a subject in school you think is difficult.
44 an experience getting your haircut or having your hair styled.
45 something in nature you enjoy looking at.
46 an activity you do outside during the summer.
47 a game you played when you were younger.
48 a time when you were late for an appointment.
49 a song you like.
50 a song that is famous in China.

51 a song from a movie that you like.
52 a piece of electronic equipment that you often use.
53 a foreign festival you enjoyed attending.
54 a wedding you attended.
55 an experience wearing clothing that was too tight.
56 a historical person who impressed you.
57 your favorite fruit.
58 your favorite food.
59 a white (small) lie you told recently
60 a time when you learned someone close to you had died.

A variety of tenses including future and conditional

61 how you sabotaged a recent life event.
62 a business you would like to own
63 a time when you lost or misplaced an important item you own.
64 a party you are excited about attending.
65 a robot you like.
66 a writer you would like to meet.
67 a language (not English or Chinese) you would like to learn.
68 an item you do not own now but would really like to own in the future.
69 someone in your school or work who has influenced you.
70 a function (APP) in your mobile phone you use often, not including making a call.

The end

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