Listen to this student recording of IELTS part 2. Listen as many times as you like. Then look at the questions below. Once you have answered all of them, guess the score.

Send us your guess through the “chat with us” button. Use the following format to share your answers to questions 1 to 5: letter, letter, letter, letter, number.

Here is an example of how your answer might look if you answer “T’ to all 4 and you gave the student a “6.5” band: T, T, T, T, 6.5.

The student spoke about topic 12.

Talk about a restaurant you like that is near your home.

You should say:
a) what the restaurant is called
b) how close it is to your home
c) what type of food it serves

d) and describe a memorable meal you had there recently.

The questions below ask about and “introduction.” This word means the student used points a, b, c on the card effectively, so when they began describing their experience, the overall response we easy to understand.

The questions

  1. The student spoke fluently: T or F
  2. The student spoke coherently: T or F
  3. The student’s introduction was at least at a band 6.5: T or F
  4. The most important part of the 2 minute presentation was the description of the restaurant? T or F
  5. Give the student one the following band scores: 5.5, 6.0, 6.5.

We look forward to you sending us your answers. Use the chat with us” button below.