This page is your link to the following:

01. FAQ (frequently ask questions link) for students

02. IELTS (all 4 sections: speaking, writing, reading, and listening)

03. TOEFL (all 4 sections: speaking, writing, reading, and listening)

04. Link for student worksheets, including grammar and punctuation

05. Interviewing Skills

06. Personal Statement (PS)

07. Other student resources we will add from time to time.

Recent updates as of January 1.

01. FAQ Page For Students

Students FAQ

02. IELTS Section

Speaking, Part 2 Links:

a. IELTS Part 2 topics, Main List

This is a list of 100 topics common for IELTS speaking, part 2. If you have other topics you would like us to add to aid other IELTS candidates (students), please send us an email. Thank you.

b. IELTS Part 2 topics, with a, b, c, d subtopics

Note, not all 100 topics are listed here. This page also includes samples of vocabulary and other tips.

c. Examples of IELTS Part 2 Speaking – recordings

This page offers recordings from Rick to help IELTS candidates with the speaking test.

d. Secret #1: raising your score within 15 days

We call this Secret #1. It helps students because it focuses on saying less by focusing on coherence.

This is especially useful in part 2 of IELTS speaking. Most of our students who properly learn and practice this method see an increase from a band 5.5 to a 6 within 15 days.

Fact: most students (if not all) are better than they think they are. Their scores are lower, however, because they are using test taking methods that are simply not working for them.

e. The 3 IELTS Speaking Methods

The following 3 methods are briefly described. After you read this, please send us a message using the “chat with us” button and let us know which method you use and why.


a. Coming soon: How can I improve my speaking score? The speaking test feels so — unnatural.

04. Student worksheets

These worksheets are often used by students to prepare for writing assignments and tests. They offer a quick overview of the basics. When you have a class with Rick, he will discuss these with you.

We recommend that you download these into a paper copy and write on them with your pencil. A pencil is preferred, so you can erase mistakes.

Grammar list – The Basics


Student Topic List with Vocabulary

05. Interviewing Skills

Interviewing Tips

This page offers help to candidates who are preparing for interviews for university and job placement.

06. Personal Statement (PS)

a. Personal Statement (PS) writing help for university entrance.

07. Other Student Resources

Many students tell us that they learn from Rick’s nonfiction and fiction books. We offer both readable and listening tracks (recordings) here.

a. A Sample of a Memoir from the page STORIES:

The Stupid Vow – Readable

The Stupid Vow — Audio

Introduction: This is an example of Rick’s writing style from the Memoirs series. The page STORIES on this website will continue to offer more of these.

Coming soon.

2. Public speaking help.