Index : affiliate marketing

This is the table of contents to find tutorials that will help you navigate how you want to work and make money with us.

These is no sign up fee currently.

We are looking for people with the following skills and desires (and concerns #6):

01 You want to work with a team of team and

02 you do not want to pay hundreds or thousands to work with a youtube personality you dont know and don’t trust.

03 you have a iphone (or ipad) that has a camera good enough to make some videos

04 you are artistic and have design ideas that you think could easily sell online and you only need help to put the design on clothing

05 You want to make videos of products you currently own or plan to own, and you want to become an online marketer of those products, however, do not know how to get the attention of the company that makes the product.

06 You are concerned about involving your family, especially small children, in the process of online sales because of making videos.

The services we offer :

01 our brand : Everything Hypnosis – this name could change.

02 our skills :

i) website creation and design

ii) video making and editing

iii) our list of brain storming ideas

iv) Our online shops: we can help you take an idea in your imagination become an online product.

v) hypnosis sessions – 1 on 1 meetings can be as quick as 20 minutes.

The idea is to help you focus on your skills and mindset.

vi) Hypnosis tracks coming soon. We will make them specific to the needs of our community.