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Child safety

The goal is to keep children safe. However, the industry and our video creation and editing team will go to whatever extent the law requires and our team members request.

We do not spend much time on this topic in our blogs because we know the law and we expect each team member (affiliate will have their own standards)

Here are some links regarding this:


How to actually start making money


We are looking for niche markets – the challenge is getting customers to a platform (online store) that has products they saw somewhere, like youtube shorts or tiktok.


You choose a niche market and let us know what it is. We can help you.

Click here to view videos for advice on how to do this.

i) We link you into our network, including websites.

ii) We make videos and post them to youtube, tiktok, and other places.

iii) We have access to your online store, such as the dashboard. Your online store will be on amazon or etsy, for example.