This is a brief list of tips you can use to prepare for an interview.

1. Go early, at least 20 minutes, so you will not be late. First impressions are important and being on time is an important part of a first impression.

2. Dress to impress — What does this mean?

a. Ask advice from others, such as your mother, father, friends, and teachers regarding what clothing to wear.

b. Always wear clothing is both comfortable and fashionable for the interview. Different interviews require different outfits.

3. Remember to tell the interviewer why their school or company has impressed you.

a. If you do not have a good opinion of their school or company, you shouldn’t be interviewing.

4. Turn your mobile phone to silent mode or turn it off.

a. This is true even if the interviewer responds to his or her phone.

b. Some interviewers will accept calls or messages to see how you respond. Your response to the interviewers behavior is often part of the interview, especially when interviewing for a job.

5. Come prepared to ask questions. This is when the interview gets interesting.

a. When you do not ask questions, many interviewers take this a sign that you may not be interested in their school or company.

6. Do not be a beggar. Be an interested candidate.

a. You want to impress the interviewer, so honestly take an interest in the person who is interviewing you and the school or company.

Links of interest.

Perhaps one of the most famous books regarding communicating with people and enjoying life more.

“How to Win Friends and Influence People”

Dale Carnegie.

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