Nonfiction : Memoirs

All stories in the nonfiction series are memoirs. RK (Rick) is a therapist. He has both interviewed people about their experiences and worked as a life coach for others.

N001 : Story 1 : Leave Me Alone

A Chinese girl experiences unwanted sexual comments while working in France during summer vacation. When she calls her mother for help, the situation gets worse.

1.Leave me alone — Readable Version

2.Leave m alone — Audio Version

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N002 : Don’t Marry Her, She’s An Alien

Subtitle : Either She’s Stupid or She Isn’t Human

N003: Breaking the Vow: Mom vs Wife

Subtitle : The Struggles of Married Life

N003: The Rape and the Revenge

Subtitle : My Pastor and Me


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Book 1: Just Say You Love Me

Have you ever wandered what it would be like to get a promise from God, in writing, that gives you clear options about your future?

Book 2: Death during a Long Night