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There are 2 options you can choose:

Option 1

This option can take between 10 to 30 days. You will have the chance to work directly with Rick and / or one of his colleagues.

We answer questions about how to improve your current PS and give you an overview of what the admissions department of a university may be looking for.

An example of this is if you are applying to a US university that requires an interview, your PS should reflect your personality since it may be the only “personality” or “creative writing” document in your student folder.

An example of this is a few years ago, we wrote PS for a student who wanted to attend a US university. The PS was successful and the student was offered an acceptance letter. However, soon a request for an interview followed. I predicted the boy would do poorly. He had a negative attitude about school.

As a therapist, I knew the central problem. He should have taken a few months, gone through therapy and reconsidered his beliefs.

When you are on a call with me, feel free to ask more about this.

The workshop offers students time to develop academically and emotionally (mentally), after all, your academic pursuit have the power to change your life. We recommend you take them seriously.

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Option 2

Some call this option the Workshop.

This process can take from 1 month to a year. It was designed for at least 2 reasons:

  1. It allows us to review your PS and other documents in a more comprehensive manner. The common result of this process is a better PS, which opens the door for applying to better universities.

2. It gives students more options. Many students do retake IELTS and TOEFL tests during the workshop to receive higher scores. As the score go up, students have more options.

The Workshop

As students gain an awareness of their actual abilities, they have what we call a “feel it moment.” This means they actually begin to get excited about their studies because they are enjoying learning as their scores go up.

When we meet most students, they have been struggling with IELTS and TOEFL tests for a while, typically more than one year. The reason they were struggling is they were preparing wrong.

Often students are taught how to study or how to take a test based on the experience of a friend or teacher. In most cases, this type of preparation does not work because a student needs to be individually assessed based on his or her skills and behavior.

An example of this is many of our students raise their IELTS speaking scores from 5.5 band to 6 band in a month or less. Once they learn how to do this, they realize a band 6.5 or 7.0 is possible.

Imagine the feeling of getting a band 6.5 although you once thought this score was impossible. The most common comment students tell us when this happens is “I understand now. I’ve been doing this all wrong.”

As mentioned above, we call this the feel it moment.

Learning testing skills, means changing behavior. Changing behavior means better options in life.

You might be thinking — “What are you talking about?

How does this relate to PS writing? Simple, most students have been told that writing a PS is one of the final stages in the process of preparing for higher education.

Imagine if you changed that belief?

Imagine your PS is a document that opens the doors to the university degree (major) and career you want?

Imagine that you just raised your score and are preparing to apply to University of Oxford, Columbia University, or New York University?

Rick has been in this business for more than 12 years, so he has seen many students succeed where others told them they would fail.

The Warning:

We recommend that you consider not rushing through the PS process. Instead, spend time with us learning how to get closer to your goals for your education and career.

If you read this page and you are in contact with a member of our staff, such as Rick, try to register or log in. After you do this, send Rick a message on wechat that you did this.

Thank you