You are probably under a deadline, so follow the steps below.

Making priorities is your priority, at this time.

First, assemble your list of universities.

Note: If the number of universities on your list is more than 10, you already have more universities than you need (or want). Most (if not all) of our students limit their list of universities to less than 10.

Second, choose 1 or 2 schools that you like the most.

Third, go to the university’s website and find their deadline for applying.

If the deadline is in the next 30 days, send them an email or call the university and ask if that deadline could change. Because of COVID-19, university rules may change.

Forth, while on the university website, make sure you find all the information regarding their requirements to apply, including a topic list (task requirement) for their PS letter.

U.S. based universities, you will have 2 types of essays to write: Required and Optional

Required = must.

Optional = choices.

Optional essays are typically short, such as 200 to 350 words. You will have a choice to write 1 or more essays from a list.

U.K. based universities, you will be required to write one PS. It is typically considered a more academic essay.

Ask us about this. The requirements will range from 1 to 2 pages. The university may state a word count limitations, such as 500 words. However, we have applied to many universities with PS that exceeded this word count and the PSs were accepted.

What is most important at this time is making priorities.