look at all these topics, learn the vocabulary, and add new words that you like

You can add to this list, but if you do, send me the topic and vocabulary.

How to use this document.
Step 1
Each week we will agree on which topics to practice. We can add to this list.

Step 2
Your job is to choose 5 or more topics each week, review the vocabulary, and add vocabulary.

It is especially important that you add verbs and not so common words. For more about this, #7 below has an example of verbs and different tenses, and specific words used to describe food.

Step 3
Let me know which topics you have chosen at the beginning of the week, normally Sunday or Monday.

(Students are responsible for setting this day of the week, and it can be changed, all you need to do is ask me.)

Step 4
When possible, each card (topic) should be a description of a life experience.

Let’s look at an example: Topic 7. If you have never cooked a meal for someone else, go and do it. As you do it, focus on your English vocabulary.

Common topics for you to study:
food, clothing, nature, school, sports, animals, history, and travel

Talk about a time you cooked a meal for others.

You should say:
who you cooked for
what you cooked
when you did it

and describe how you felt while you prepared the meal.

vegetables, fruit, cabbage, lettuce, tomato, potato, watermelon, noodles, meat, fish, ice tea, coffee, make/ made, cook/ cooked, prepare/ prepared, meal (breakfast, lunch, dinner), menu

Talk about a place you often drink coffee or tea.

You should say:
what the place is called
where it is located
why you like this place

and describe a recent experience of visiting this place.

drink/ drank, scenery, convenience/ convenient

Talk about an experience when you gave your opinion in a questionnaire or survey.

You should say:
what the survey was about
when and where this happened
how long it took

and why you wanted to respond to the survey.

questions, topics, response, answer, listen/listened, speak/ spoke
proof, evidence, result (consequence), confident

Talk about a famous building in your city/ country.

You should say:
what you call it
where it is
what it looks like

and explain why it is a famous building.

structure, edifice (less common), architecture, high-rise, sky scraper, glass walls, historical, ancient, impressive, monastery, church, synagogue, mosque, museum, modern (modern-looking) , suite (large room) or room, 40 stories high, economy sized room (small), gothic style

Describe a plant that is important in your country.

You should say:
what it is
what it looks like
why it is important

and describe an experience when you used it.

Topic 7 above has vocabulary about plant-based food.
Also: Rose, Lilac, Sunflower, Azalea, Begonia, Carnation, Daisy, Jasmine, Lavender, Lily

1) talk about food 2) flowers (gifts to family and lovers)

Talk about something you recently did that was challenging.

You should say:
what it was
who suggested it to you
why you thought it was challenging

and explain what you have learned from doing it.

try/ tried, attempt, attempted, difficult, success/ successful

learning to speak English, preparing for IELTS, finishing university

Talk about a historical event you think is important.

You should say:
what the event is
when it happened
why you think it is important

and explain how it has affected your life.

remember/ remembered, life-changing,

World War 1 and 2, Olympics in Beijing, the election of President Obama (first black president), the election of President Xi of China

Talk about a pet you think is cute.

You should say

What type of pet it is
When you recently saw this animal
Why you think its cute

And describe the experience when you saw this pet recently.

furry, bark, meow, perch, fly, cuddle, purr, cute.

Talk about your favorite piece of clothing.

You should say:
what it is
what it looks like
why it’s your favorite

and talk about how you got it.

dress, shirt (blouse), jacket, coat, pants, shoes, hat, wear/wore, dress/ dressed.

Your favorite piece of clothing is the clothing that will get you the highest score because it is easy to describe and talk about.

a present at birthday, a present for another holiday, common day of shopping

Talk about a book you read recently.

You should say:

The name of the book
When you read it
Why you read it.

And offer details about what you gained from this book.

read/ read, lie/ lay, novel, fiction/nonfiction, children’s book, descriptions of writing styles: prose, syntax, diction

try to think internationally or like a westerner.

Talk about your favorite toy when you were young.

You should say:
what the toy was
when you received it
why it was your favorite

and describe how you played with it.

play/ played, lay/ laid, game, friends, team
Toys: doll, teddy bear, ball

Talk about a place you visited that is surrounded by animals.

You should say:
what the place was
when you visited it
why you like it

and explain how the animals make this place special.

furry, bark, meow, perch, fly, cuddle, purr, cute

Talk about a piece of clothing a relative gave you that you like.

You should say:
what piece of clothing it was
what it looks like
why you like it

and describe the event when your relative gave this to you.

silk, cotton, wool, comfortable, tight, loose, colorful

Talk about an experience getting your haircut or having your hair styled.

You should say.

When you did it
Who was with you
Why you did it

And offer details about if the stylist did a good job or bad job.

Vocabulary: designer, bangs (the hair on your forehead), brush, comb, hair dryer, smell, colors
Rule: the best response is the response that is easy to describe and it will help you get the highest score

Talk about the landscape you like in a place you often visit.

You should say:
what the place is
when you first discovered this place
why you like it

and describe what the place looks like.

scenery, trees, plants, bushes, shrubs, topography, rolling, flat.

Talk about a social club you would like to join. (want to join)

You should say:
the name of the club
why you would like to join it
when you think you will join it

and explain the benefits you will get when you join this club.

tennis, boating, yoga, exercise, friends, leisure time.

Describe a food you would like to try. (want to try)

You should say:
what country the food is from
how you learned about this food
when you plan to try it

and talk about why you think this food is special.

Talk about an exercise (sport) you enjoy doing regularly.

You should say:
what it is
how often you do it
why you like it

and explain why you think it is good for your health.

jogging, running, biking, swimming, stretching, yoga, walking, sports (basketball, football, tennis, badminton, volleyball, gardening

Talk about a place you like to visit that is near water.

You should say:
where the place is
how often you visit this place
why you like it

and talk about an experience visiting this place recently.

exercise, yoga, boating, food, people, mountains, tide, rip current (riptide), undertow, sweep away/ swept away, beach, travel/traveled, vacation, trip, life guard , water: shallow vs deep

Locations types of water: lake, river , canal , pond, sea, beach, ocean, lagoon, waterfall

Talk about a competition you want to join.

You should say:

What the competition is
When and how you first learned about it
Why you want to join it

And offer details about what you will do to prepare for it.

The end