team* Chris and Rick

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I will iist on this page projects we are doing together and so on


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the vocabulary and process


the beginning of calibration


watching the person as they become more comfortable and prepare for trance


body relaxes and hypnostist continues with calibration and rapport

Pattern interrupt

You will notice when i begin to go into a trance – you see it everyday but you may not realize that you see it everyday


words like “thats right — just go deeper – more and more relaxed”


“Time to let go of the anxiety”

Trance phenomenon

“go ahead and lift your hand in the air”

“when your unconscious has completely let go of. .. your hand will fall on your lap”

This is important because i will not fake a trance. If i’m there, we can test it later

awakening process

bringing the person back to a fully awakened state

networker — using social media


interviewer and interviewee


finding more online stores where we can sell stuff

what stores do people from your country use?

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