team* elim and rick august

updated by Rick : Aug 20

updated by Elim : none yet

Note: Elim, if you update this page, simply add a date above and send me the link

Current tiktok categorization : I see us as and educational channel first and comedic second.

Current daily / weekly focus : there are at least 2 things we must do regularly

01. visualize our goals together

02. work out daily routines : a) morning b) afternoon c) evening

an example of this is vids about making food at your home – something you started to do

Things to clarify

01. we need to have an agreement regarding how to work with others in social media

02. We need to review at least 2 or 3 vids this week, probably wednesday and thursday, to help us get better know on tiktok

03. 30 minute rants — at least 2 times per week

Currently, there are many youtubers giving away free info. Why?

01. more and more info is becoming avialable, so i think they are offering free vids so they can offer something a bit newer — you know, build trust.

02. There are a list of platforms that seem to have great info on them, including vidIQ.

Goals for our call august 23 and 24

01. we need to have an agreement regarding how to work with others in social media

02. discuss a video to advert the book — discuss these tonight — create a blog to keep up with progress

03. working on our introduction vids – start the talks — i think you agreed this is your task

04. Marketing ideas — new section made below in grey

Our list of different types of videos / projects

01. father daughter skype chats

02. you meeting with followers online and doing brief chats about life as the daugher of a hypnotist aug 23

02. videos of father talking about serious topics, especially therapeutic

03. videos of father being humorous, such as talking about “you might be in a zombie trance if. . . ”

04. a lesson by daughter / wife / etc taught me – the next book. — What my daughter (wife) taught me!

05. top 5 and top 10 lists : stupid beliefs — stupid parenting mistakes

06. Elim doing zombie trance videos – including reading the book

07. trending videos — topics that are getting millions of views — twitch app

08. hypno tracks – 2 types a) shorts for tiktok and youtube b) 20 + minutes for standard tikok

Youtube shorts are 60 seconds tiktok less than 10 minutes

09. adverts — we can make vids for products we have and products we plan to buy

A) learn how to offer our links and join website (such as the tiktok links section we discussed) so we are more visual to factories (companies) we can do ads for

10. accountability programs — i will do vids on this soon a) how to organize b) how to keep the partnership balanced

Marketing the zombie trance book

01. Create a new title and book cover that has connects with people faster, such as “I made it our of hell.”

02. Offer the names of chapters, such as chapter 3, the zombie trance

Part 1 book chapter names. Updated aug 21 2022

Current title and subtitle : The Zombie Trance : How bad parenting causes society to go crazy

01. no change 02. Do i deserve to be raped? 03. The zombie trance

Our list of platforms

01. Rick : rebbit ; quora — type in a topic like “just broke up with my boyfriend”

“how do i get back with my ex-boyfriend”

02. youtube

03. tiktok

04. fiverr

05. etsy — similar to fiverr

06. Reels – meta universe — instragram is also looking for new content creators

Search platforms

01 ahrefs

02. ubersuggests

03. an index of different platforms

List of things : august generally

Our biggest current challenges.

01. create a new email account / give it a name

example “the hypnotist @ gmail

02. learn tiktok algorithm — continue

03. post more (2) vids per day.

04. upload to youtube soon (including hypnosis tracks).

05. change the name of the channel : “the hypnotist and his daughter”


01 Agree on 2 hypnotracks — this should include a) 2 tiktok shorts b) 2 youtube shorts 2) youtube longs — 2 separate themes

02 get at least 1hypno theme from euphoria vid — example depression and addiction

03 next week, set up landing page for website with vids of me introducing stuff

I must update :

01 Invideo – I updated the video : relationship & rain july 25 — get a better vid

02 I might update the other hypno tracks with better vids

The list of tiktok and youtube video ideas

01 how to do a hypnotic interview — when i was young, i didn’t understand tapping. Years later, things changed.

02 link to a landing page ignore this for now

Sales videos

He was following what you and I discussed on Sunday.

02 time to find products that we can post in shots (youtube and tik)

Make the video process faster

01 streamline the process for making shorts from longs.


My task after I get the new computer

A finish monkey tapping video — before and after

I will use it to advertise hypnosis

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