Team* marketing vids august

This page is for our team.

Welcome to the team

This is the marketing plan for vids (shorts) on at least 3 platforms :

01. youtube shorts

02. tiktok

03. Reels

A The most important current project Aug 29

01. We have reviewed 2 or 3 videos regarding how to set up links by using thumbnails of famous videos.

02. Review the websites that Thomas Garets recommended.

03. The question we are asking is how can we take the same idea and expand it to videos and so on. Other youtuber made similar comments.

04. One idea is to use a portion of a famous video from popular videos with the caption “I love this video” Just want to share.

05. The steps we need to take tonight. a) find a popular video b) it doesnt need to be related to worldplex content c) review the websites Thomas gave and see how to expand our image from a thumbnail to a short vid

If we have a short list of ideas and we have reviewed the websites before out meeting, that will be helpful.

B Our plan, step my step aug 26

01. Create shorts, start on tiktok, move to youtube, and then Reels.

02. Focus on helpful videos such as Wholesale Ted that offer great advice on making money now.

Many websites and tutorials have too broad a scope — if we see money coming within the next 30 to 60 days, that will be enough.

03. Our goal in the next 30 to 60 days is to master shorts, get more subscribers, and focus on having affiliates join to make money.

Becoming great website builders comes a little later.

C Elements we must include in our vids – what am i missing?

01. the goal is to offer a beginning, middle, and end – a conclusion with an action the person can do – a link, a comment, and so

02. all videos will scroll quickly, typically requiring the watcher to go back and review a portion of it.

03. all videos will offer music that is trending —

04. I’m also considering doing voice over work for these

05. the goal is to offer a challenge and a solution, or interesting information. Every video will end with a solution or surprising information.

An example of this is we will end video about public speakers who use hypnosis, trump as the last 1.

D Future items to consider

01. building authority – an intro video about where we get our ideas

02. inviting other hypntists to join — authority isssue

03. these must be timed – in the first 30 days, I’m guessing, people are looking for education and entertainment. Once we build subscribers, we can add more people for authority.

04. I dont see us gathering 100,000 subscribers in the first month, but the more the better.

05. I am making list of people an organizations who can indorse us. You should do the same.

E Our current promotion

01 What companies / platforms to look for

a) find addictions , hobbies, or mandatory things people need and use

cigar shops, education, video game players , pets ,

anything associated with hobby, addiction, and so on

02 offer free advertisement through our videos –

a) we will make video shorts that generally require full viewing in 30 seconds or a replay.

an example of this is famous quotes from famous people who are smokers

we can ask the viewers if they would like to listen to a hypno track to improve their relaxation time.

b) once the video is up, our

03 criteria companies need to work with us

01 products that are shippable. or easily accessable online

02. products that are an addiction or needed in daily life (educatoin)

03. products (key words) that are trending in social media platforms, like vid short platforms, and amazon

04. Products we can use to create logos and pictures easy to put on cup and T-shirts.

04 hypnosis services

a we will offer free hypnosis recordings that are short – less than 10 minutes.

b the hypno recordings will be offered in the vid shorts as an after thought.

c a

05 send them to our website, with affiliate links to major trusted platforms

01 amazon

02. etsy

03. shopify