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This page is for our team. category 08 added march 19

Note: this page is currently under revision — we are still revising it by arranging categories

This list includes all the things Rick is currently doing and wants people to join him. Most of these activities are active.

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01 networking: join social media and get active

01 contact Rick regarding group work and the agenda

02 go watch videos on all the top sites : tiktok, instagram, facebook, youtube, and so on

03 when i buy or use a picture or video, i contact the person. the goal is to have network partners involved in social media

Note : feel free to send me an email regarding other sites (platforms) you like

3 things to remember when viewing social media platforms like tiktok. There are at least 3 types of videos we want make a note of:

01 people getting a lot of views

02 people offering similar products or services, such as hypnosis and empowerment services

03 videos that really catch your attention

The ideas to follow different people or channels (like youtube) so as we post content, we can like their stuff and they can like ours.

02 videos — posting them on social media

a we must determine how many videos per week we will make as a team — we will set this date for march 22th, sunday.

b we must determine what platforms to post them to, such as facebook, tiktok, and so on

c we establish a network regarding how to keep up with platforms and what is trending

note: videos have been made but we are improving the quality and so on

03 books — writing them

status : book is finished – waiting to finalize new cover

book cover coming — The Zombie Trance part 1 (Used to be called I prefer chocolate) videos and book will be relaunched in early april

landing page for book project and our community — design facebook and website landing pages

04 books — online platforms to sell them from – money maker

05 hypnosis services — money maker

waiting for new office — delays are happening, thanks to covid

free binuaral music coming

individual tracks coming —

06 IT services offered including video making and social networking

a we will discuss in our teams how to keep track of this and what to do

b videos can be much fun and when you are good enough its a good money source

c for beginners, most work will begin when you join a small group in our community and develop accountability partners

ask Rick how c works

07 podcasting

End of march early april

08 Where does your family shop?

Currently, the book is only available on amazon as a PDF and our website. In April, the print version will be available. So what other book stores and platforms that support PDF or kindle can we use? By asking your family and friends (friends from your hometown), we can find ways to make our products available.

a the goal is to find where people shop for books, music, clothing, and other household items.

b we are happy if you want to get a family member to buy the products, and you have no obligation to do so

09 go fund me type platforms

i am considering a mentoring program where we help people who have been traumatized and need help. 089