The angry one ch 10 to 12

Chapter 10 : the thrill is over

I gazed at my watch. Less than 30 minutes ago I gave Claire a good bye hug and kiss, and was sitting in a plane at Detroit City Airport.

A last minute change happened – causing a slight delay. A couple heading to LA boarded. They were off to see their daughter who had given birth to a baby girl about 2 months earlier. Apparently, the father had been called away on last minute business, so the mother was by herself. Grandma and grandpa, who were the last-minute passengers, boarded with greetings and thank you.

Trying to be subtle, I stood and greeted the new arrivals, grabbed a pillow, pretended to be very tired, and headed to the back of the plane to a private suite. I wanted to avoid the grandpa and grandma scene and all the pictures. Meeting with Claire had been rewarding, but I didn’t need the reminder of things, such as a family, I wasn’t ready for. No one knew the timetable, for marriage and kids. Hell, in fairness, no one knew if Claire would be my wife.

The announcement came to take our seats and the plane started towards the runway. 5 minutes later, it was climbing to 30,000 feet high. I reclined, in my cubby hole , closed my eyes, and allowed my imagination to entertain me, hoping for no interruptions. It had gone too well, too easy. Timothy and my parents had both said, “prepare for interruptions.”

Timothy and my folks had been correct. Nothing phased Claire. She was a young woman on a mission. She knew there would be rough times along the way, but she knew how to brush them off. While on the boat during our first official date, all it took was a little wine and venting, and she let it all go. The boat reenactment should have been filmed as a reality TV show.

Our plane, a Gulfstream 650, was privately chartered from the Netjets fleet. My family, similar to many wealthy families, fly the friendly skies using companies like this because this type of service is international, so we can order a plane at any time in any country. The perks are great if you have the budget. One of my favorites is the menu. Before take off, we typically pre-order from a local caterer in the city where we are. Before departing, perhaps 2 to 3 hours, I grab my ipad, click on the flight intinery button, and choose from a menu. The food is always fresh and personalized. We know when the airport is hosting a lot of private flights on a particular day because the catering trucks are always around.

The old school way to travel internationally was buying your own plane or a small fleet of planes, but this had proven inefficient in recent years. For a fraction of the cost, with a VIP membership, a plane is never more than a couple hours away. The Gulfstream was nice. It is able to fly half way around the world without refueling and the cabins are specialized. Once a flight is booked, we can choose our floor design. When we walk into the plane, it feels familiar. There are occasions when we fly in a plane we have never been in before, but it feels familiar because of the interior design and floor plan.

Another thing i like is the pilots. Although they are chosen from the finest in the world, on some smaller flights, you double as pilots and cabin help. I’ve had many great talks with the servers. One of my favorites is a retired airforce pilot named Thomas Gunner. When he is able, he takes flights when my family is booked because we always enjoy the chats about this fighter pilot legacy. And although stories are often classified, on occasion, details of secret missions sneak out in the chats. When you are 35,000 feet above the earth and you know that no one is listening, you talk about almost anything.

She had made one comment earlier in the day that at first made me uncomfortable. She said, in a joking tone, “Michael, your being melo- dramatic if you still like me in one month, that’ll be amazing.” I do this skill called reframing. It basically means I rewrite the story in my mind. if I can imagine a situation, comment, or belief, I can change how it’s affecting me – how I feel about it.

I had allowed her comment to bother me for a matter or hours now. Yes, I actually looked at my watch and was disappointed with myself that I had allowed her comment to bother me so much. You could say, she was acting healthier about our first date than I was. She didn’t know everything that I knew, including the dream. But none of that mattered.

My cubby hole was quite comfortable and more spacial than my nickname suggests. I pulled myself out of my state of meaningless pondering and looked around. It was furnished with a small bunk bed, table, and refrigerator. But most of all, it was quiet. In solitude with eyes closed, I began questioning the timing of my dream and if meeting with Claire had been a mistake. The dream didn’t tell me it was time to meet her, it only offered times and locations. It didn’t even indicate that I would marry her. For all I knew, it might have been another decoy from the universe. I had experienced those on many occasions.

An example of a decoy was thinking Linda would be my first serious girlfriend. In the end, she was an attempted distraction to keep my mind off of claire.

The dream was the most beautiful depiction of any women I had ever seen. That is another why the dream bothered me most. Each time I thought of it, it reminded me how my love for her went well beyond sexual attraction. The gnawing question was “Why?” I have learned that dreams are most often one thing we cannot trust. In hypnosis training, if you get a dream, especially a memory from the past, don’t try to understand it — change it. With a little help from a trained hypnotist, anyone can do this.

Because I was a little wilder after high school, the sexual appeal of women was a driving force behind the quick hook up and then, later, the boredom. As magical as the female body and mind were to me during university, the sex stuff got boring quick. That was one of my biggest lessons from my college days.

Let me clarify. Any new female body that’s shaped right, smells good, and sound nice, such as a playful giggle, still attracts my attention. But after you have sex with a girl and she has me, or any guy, her list of demands, I lose interest.

I know. I can hear the girls saying, “That’s now fair!” Life isn’t fair. I’m still not sure where the value comes for most guys to really like a girl, but part of the mysterious formula is timing, wanting to settle down and get serious. Before a guy experiences that feeling, girls are just a tool for having fun and learning about sex.

Call me a dick. Most (probably all) guys will say something similar when honest, unless they’re gay.

Two rouge questions seemed to come and go as I tried to quiet my mind. “How would I survive the unknown waiting period with Claire?” During our chat on the boat, she assured me of her plans to finish her BA, then law school. After I did the math, the best or most realistic timeline for her to finish would be 4 years. Ugg!

I couldn’t imagine now fooling around a bit or breaking up at some point. The more I ruminated about the timing of the dream, the more it all bothered me.

The next question was “What did Timothy mean by an interruption?” I was pleased that Timothy was good at predicting the future. However, he chose his words well, and the word “interruption” meant a seriously unwanted event. I surmised it would be something big – and event or series of events that would get everyone’s attention.

To make matters worse, after a few glasses of wine on the boat and while resting in my arms on the sofa, Claire hinted at the option of putting her studies on hold for a semester and flying to Europe to help her father. While she shared the details, I wasn’t sure if she was merely venting or preparing me for the inevitable: asking for help. I wanted to be involved, but my father and warned me against being the “fixer.”

!! fathers name.

Her father, Robert Lee, had accepted a case in Europe. He was currently in Germany. Recently, as Claire and her mother were talking with him on a video call, he had placed the call on speaker phone. During the call, everyone heard an explosion in the background. It was so loud, it knocked the phone off the desk.

After this, Claire’s mother demanded that Robert get on a plane and return to safety, America, at once, but he refused. He made the argument that he had a small team of very capable people with him who would insure his safety.

!! Must give Claire’s mother a name.

When the call ended, with tears in their eyes, Claire and her mother prayed for a miracle. They didn’t get specific, but they offered options. First that things would get worse and Robert would choose to leave out of good judgement, or second, another event would send him home. The shuttered at the second request because it left too many possibilities for bad things to happen. But in the end, they couldn’t think of an event that would be significant enough.

Claire even jokingly said, “Maybe if I get pregnant. . .” Her mother didn’t even offer a response.

!! name.

Robert had a reputation for taking tough cases, but rarely was his life in danger. Perhaps they were over thinking it, but after hearing the explosion and keeping up with news reports, Claire and her mother had made up their minds about what they needed. They needed their father and husband to be safe.

The fact was Robert was pig-headed, like any human on a mission. When he made up his mind, almost nothing could reverse it. Unless things got much worse, he would stay put and continue his preparations.

While together on the boat, after Claire’s third glass of wine, she shared this with me. I nodded, but I didn’t offer any specific help. It was now only hours later, and my plane was heading in the opposite direction, Hawaii and then Hong Kong. At least that was my guess. My father didn’t give him the details and he didn’t ask. As the plane soared to another part of the world, my gut was telling me everything was connected. The criminal underworld was global. You name it. The super rich only knew what they knew and could do what they did because of their connections with all sorts of business professionals. If you were filthy rich, you had your hand in business activities that would raise questions of conscience. I knew about the corruption, but I didn’t know how deep it went, and didn’t want to know. I feared that one day, sooner than later, I would learn. But i wasn’t asking questions – yet.

I knew if they wanted to stop the sex trade, they could do it tomorrow. Everything has a price and the higher the demand, the greater the price. While sitting in an economics class at university, I remembered the professor explaining supply and demand curves. I remember him asking the students.

“So what industries have hi demand.” Obvious answers came quickly.



“Anything illegal.”

Everyone laughed and then the prof said, “You are correct.”

On a few occasions, I whispered to himself, “prof, if only you knew.”

As my mind wandered back to Claire, a haunting thought visited again. Sooner or later Claire will learn more about how the world really works. How will this affect our relationship? I surprised myself as I spoke my defense at a whisper, but audibly. “I’ll have to make it up to her.” I smirked, knowing the unlikelihood of my being able to make most of the world’s problems right is unlikely.

During my university days, I had traveled to Europe on multiple occasions. I knew it was in unrest and, if the global elitists had their way, this wouldn’t change anytime soon. Although the media was good at publishing stories about Europe being one big happy family, no one in the know really believed this. Unrest and wars make money. Offering people such promises wins elections.

When Claire and I talked on the boat, I had to stop himself 3 or 4 times from stopping her and explaining to her why her dreams of a beautiful new world are delusional. But I couldn’t help thinking how her influence on me might be enough to encourage me to offer help to a hopeless situation.

!! name

My father, Richard Hanson, made one thing clear to me on several occasions, “You can’t solve the world’s problem, so I recommend you do not make a lot of promises to Claire about her father’s dangerous choices, or wanting to rescue him or his family.” These words had haunted me from the moment my father had said them. Somehow, I found comfort that my mother and father had their eyes and ears on Robert Lee, although my folks never gave much explanation about their interests in Claire’s father. One of my guesses was my folks didn’t mind spending a little time looking out for a man who was bound to become a member of the family — but there was always more to the story than family friendship.

One of my father’s Richard’s biggest concerns was I did not know my limits yet — and probably would not know for years. If Claire’s father did find himself in eminent danger, Richard and Joanna would not be able to stop me from getting involved, however, my folks had experience with trying to help people who were in harms way. They had learned a few painful lessons about attempting to rescue people. At the top of that list was earning the trust of the people they wanted to help.

!! folks verses parents

Its hard to show up unexpectedly and say, “Hi I’m here to help me. You might die or someone in your family might die, but I have money and my friends are more powerful than the people who want to hurt you so trust me. And by the way, you do not need to repay me. I’m doing it because I think you’re really cool!”

My parents both learned quickly that these conversations do not go over well, so although money can solve a lot of problems, sometimes it was better to let events play out.

The plane hit some turbulence, jarring me from my closed-eyed, dark room meditation. I opened the window shade but only saw the darkness. I heard faint voices outside, in the main cabin, but decided to remain alone. If I did walk out and the couple started talking about their new grand daughter again, I would be forced to excuse myself and lie about needing to go the bathroom, or whatever. I didn’t mind lying, but I didn’t see the purpose for inviting it in this situation.

One thing bothered me the most. As I was flying to the opposite side of the world from Claire, my gut told him that something was wrong. I was on a secret business meeting with my father. In LA, we expected to meet another small group of important people. I plan was after we were transferred to a new plane and I will learn more. I had received a few details since entering the plane, but I didn’t ask too many questions.

My best guess was we were heading to Hong Kong to do a deal. I wouldn’t sign any papers. My presence would be symbolic. My father had recently talked about acquiring ownership in property in Hong Kong. If this happened, it would mean hundreds of millions or perhaps billions of dollars, and my family would make more enemies.

Kong Kong had long been established as a hub for billionaire investors, but most, perhaps all, were Asian. I never saw the list of investors, but I had his guesses. My father also mentioned, more than once, that a handful of Europeans and Middle Eastern investors had tried to buy into Hong Kong real estate, but were shut out. When you have billions to spend and the locals tell you to “go away,” it hurts your pride. When a billionaire’s pride is insulted, revenge is usually a reflex action.

I shook his head in an attempt to pull my mind out of its over-active wandering state. I glanced at my watch. The hours were passing quickly, so I didn’t even remember when they had served me dinner. I plate was sitting there, untouched.

I heard a knock.

“Come in.”

His father entered and took a seat.

“You got a lot on your mind?”

“Yeah, but it’s all good.”

“How does it feel? You just had a meeting with the girl of your dreams, after waiting 4 years. Any surprises?”

“No. It all feels too easy.”

“Is that good or bad?”

I stared at him. I knew this conversation was coming but I still felt uncomfortable.

“What is challenging? Even West Point, the secret meetings, meeting girls, sex, even killing someone. . . it all can become a day’s work—“ I couldn’t put a word to my feelings.

“Michael, you are growing up very quickly. Do you want to know my concern, my fear?”

He did not use the word fear too often, so this caught my attention.

“No I don’t.” I smirked. “Honestly, you always seem in control, so learning about your fears makes me nervous.” He smiled at my comment. “Ok dad, what’s your fear?”

“The list is small, but 1 fear is that you will want to become the hero. The one who tries to fix the wrongs in this world.”


“Soon we will land in LA. Then we will meet a handful of people when we change plans. You will attend a meeting. You will learn about why you are here. Although you don’t know much now, your intuition is already making you uneasy.”

“You’re right. Why?”

“When life is going too well, its easy to get nervous. I saw the way you looked at Claire. It reminds me of how I felt about your mother when we started to date. Woman are strange beings. They make us feel invincible but yet weak. If someone tries to hurt or kill them, it clouds our judgement — it makes us vengeful.”

“Why are you saying this?” I was going to ask about my oldest now departed brother, Blake. but i held my tongue. I have 2 older Siblings. The oldest, Blake, passed away. The second oldest, my sister Teresa, is alive and works for the family company.

!! family member.

“My son, the point is you are one of my concerns. You make the list. I know I’ve said that before. You probably said something similar to Claire.” He laughed. “Like father, like son.”

My thoughts kept going back to Claire and the concerns she had for her father.

“Ok. You are making me nervous. In high school, I got really confused. Had a meeting with Timothy and realized my confusion was because I couldn’t have the one thing I wanted: Claire. Now I have her. No surprise—“

“Yes. I remember how angry you were with your mother and I about that, but now it’s all in the past. She yours and she won’t leave you unless you do something really really stupid.”

“Any suggestions on what that might be?”

“It doesn’t matter. Anyway, your mother has your back on that one.”

I had heard my father say this about mom. He never explained it, so I learned to let it go.

“How long did you hold onto the anger towards me and your mother when we told you that you were not allowed you to date Claire?”

“No idea. “

“Sure. Whatever the real answer is I probably would have lasted longer. She’s gorgeous, smart, and courageous—one of a kind.”

“Something told me the anger was a waste of time. You know, temporary.”

“Good. Important lesson son, everything is temporary. So What’s bothering you now?”

I felt one of those father and son moments coming on. I knew if I wasn’t honest, he’d know. Our relationship was odd. During these moment, there was a strange feeling that I was safe. When I was honest with him, I always felt better. There was still a wall between us emotionally, but perhaps it was slowly coming down.

“When I first saw the grandma and grandpa,” as I aid it, I pointed towards the main cabin, and rolled my eyes, “the only thought on my mind was, ‘spare me.’”

“Sure. I saw that one coming. Your exit was smooth.” He laughed.

For a fleeting second, I wanted to tell him about my dream, but it felt wrong to do so.

“I don’t know when it happened, perhaps after my meeting with Timothy, during high school. I was bothered by how much influence Claire, a girl I hardly knew, was having on me, emotionally. Now she’s my girl friend. I want to fly back to Michigan and date her, but I know. . . How am I going to last 3 or 4 years before I marry her. She’s heading for law school, but hasn’t graduated yet from undergrad.”

I paused again. I felt a little anger rise as I thought about the dream again.

“I know you had a few female interests during your university years. I also am guessing it was eye opening.”

“Yeah. Girls are so. . .everything about them attracts me, but after I sleep with them, the thrill seems— I don’t know—to diminish. Whoever made the rules, God or whoever, really messed up. Sex is so amazing and yet disappointing.”

“So when you get back to Michigan, you start dating Claire. You can’t imagine waiting too long before you start having sex. She won’t finish law school for at least 4 years, so you are wondering how long it will be before the thrill is gone. Right?”


“Well. Let’s hope there’s an interruption then.”

My father saw my body flinch.

“Dad, Timothy said the same thing.”

“I’m not surprised.”

“What? Do you two call each other and compare scripts?”

“Michael, remember one thing. In the end, or should I say, if you are supposed to marry Claire, life will bring many obstacles, but it’ll bring you back together. Your biggest challenge is to not try and control it. You’ll find yourself controlling many things, but Claire won’t be one of them.”

“What do you mean? That sounds cynical.”

“Your mother taught me this lesson. Claire knows what she wants. You make the list of important things she wants, but you are not number one. You are the one who makes her dreams seem tangible, now.”

“I know that. She alluded to that on the boat this morning.”

“Sure. As long as she has you in her life, she’ll be controlled by 2 fears. The first is if you do start to have sex and the thrill is over soon, her dream of being the world’s greatest lawyer will need to take another course.”

“And second?”

“She’ll want to please you but’ll have a hell of a time finding the balance. Her old boyfriend, David, was easy to let go of. You Michael are a dream-maker. She knows your reputation. You’re a billionaire playboy. You’re spontaneous — unpredictable. The intrigue is addicting. It scares her but she is up for the challenge.”

“You know her well.”

“Of course. I know people. I know her family. As you know, one reason your mother and I approve of Claire is her father is someone we watch and secretly help, from time to time.”

“So what does all this mean?”

“It means get ready for disappointment. Get ready for our 1 year cooling off period. It means don’t feel heart broken when you do have sex with her and the thrill is gone much too early.” He laughed. “I don’t think you’ll survive a four year engagement — her sexual appeal is too powerful.”

“Why do I feel like we’re in a movie?”

“Because everything in this life comes from a script.”

After this comment, he broke eye-contact, leaned away, and swung around, finding a resting place on the bunk bed.

!! bunk bed verse bed

“Don’t get too comfy my son. We’ll land soon. When we do, go for a walk. Get some exercise. Take an hour. The plane won’t leave without you. But promise me one thing.”

“Yeah dad?”

“Promise that you’ll do your best not to obsess about Claire.”

“That’s a stupid request dad.”

“I know.”

We both shut our eyes, stretched out on the cots and said nothing. We were awoken by the speaker.

“We are starting our descent towards LA.”

“10 minutes before touch down Michael. Don’t get too comfy.”

!! timeline. where are they now?

The mood was about to change. The secrecy was fun, but I didn’t see the reason for it. Maybe it was mostly for my entertainment, after all, the others that would soon join us knew all the details.

Chapter 11: The insiders club

The plane landed in LA and we transferred to a new plane. I had time to myself, so I decided to do the stupid thing: try to figure stuff out on my own. I drifted away from the Claire topic and started thinking about how predictably stupid life really is. Case in point, what I call the insiders club.

What is the insiders club?

One great thing about most rich people is we don’t mind slight delays in the travel plans if it meant helping out a member or our society. On many occasions, my father had rerouted planes to different parts of the world to take care of emergency situations. When this happened, the flight plans were less than accurate, and the immigration officers seemed to follow standard protocol by asking the common questions. In other words, they knew better than to play detective.

It reminds me of a famous lines from one of my father’s favorite movies, Cacablanca, with Humphry Bogart. At the end, Bogart let’s the girl leave with her boyfriend, who is man the authorities are looking for. A police officer sees this and he tries to stop it. Humphrey’s character stops the officer by shooting and killing him. At the time, another government official is also watching everything and he is best friends with Bogart. So as the police officer is dying, the friend of Bogart watches. Once the officer is dead, the friend gatherings the local police and says, “Go and gather the usual suspects.”

“Yes, been there and done that,” as my father says.

So what is the value of a flight plan? For our friends, I don’t know. Perhaps, evidence that something may have happened. Ok, I’m being cynical. When you (the average guy) flies commercially, their flight plans are honest – at least I’m guessing. They have no reason to omit a lot of details.

This discretionary behavior was especially true in the international cities that hosted, proudly, our type of people. Monaco, Hong Kong, and the Virgin Islands are prime examples. Everyone in our group of friends knew the proper procedures, including who to call. When we finished the call, which often times took the tone of an allegory, everyone knows that if the person on the other end fucks it up, it will mean a demotion.

I always laugh when I hear politicians speak on the news about this bill or that bill going through a committee in some chamber of Congress, or any other country. in the world. Or how they lie. They often speak of how well our democracy works, “blablabla,” and how important it is for them to look out for the American people. Politicians always like to talk about the alleged power they have. In the real world our friends know that the laws are made to control the little guy, and the laws of the US Congress are only as effective as the ruling party wants them to be. Even the president is a lamb duck. He has his people, often times called his Cabinet, and they have their people.

Both the democratic and republican parties had been bought and paid for long time ago. No matter what the bill is, in the end, our people run the show. Case in point, immigration and customs. I have seen our pilots file a lot of reports with the FCC. A common practice is forgetting to list all the passengers or offering the wrong number etc I never understood the reasoning behind this but I never saw a reason to care. We do what we do and we know how to do it. We know the rules were written so we could do it, and that is just how life works.

Here’s an example of how stupid the rules really are. What is insider trading? It’s when you are connected to the right people who can tell you about a good trade of a stock because of news that has not gone public yet. The less-than-informed traders were taught that you must be able to predict the markets. The successful traders just happened to have friends on the committees in DC and elsewhere. I don’t remember ever sitting at a lunch or a dinner party and hearing a committee member tell my father, “Buy APPLE stock at bla bla. We have the votes to get through the new law and its gonna jump in about 2 weeks.”

The conversations usually sounds something like this: “Did you hear about our latest Caman’s purchase? You and your wife should join our family within the next 2 weeks. We just bought a new condo complex, about 40 units, so we have room for you to come down. Plenty of spare rooms and beautiful scenery. It’s right on the ocean.”

The allegories were a bit more detailed than this, but you get the idea. If my father had heard these details, he would make a mere $15,000,000 for about 2 hours of work. Now imagine just one of these chit chats say 1 time per month. Do the math. We are not rich because of luck.

!! timeline – does this match the opening chapter sentence 123.
Back to our travel plans. Our next stop was Hawaii. It may sound glamorous, but it’s not. After you do it a few times, even if your trips include girls in bikini’s and blowjobs, it gets boring quick. This is one reason I think I fell in love early. I want to have someone to look forward to hugging and kissing when I get home. Like my father often says, “Home is where my wife and family is.” Because of my unusual experiences in high school with Timothy, most of the time, mingling with women is always intriguing, yet I know the thrill is short lived.

On many occasions, I learned first hand of how some of our society friends preferred same sex encounters and group encounters. Yes, there is a good deal of LGBT activity. LGBT activity has a title only for social media purposes. It has always existed and will continue. The human body is beautiful, both genders — and any other mixes or terms you’d like to add. Personally, if a guy likes a guy or a girl likes a girl, I think it’s fine. In fact, one of my friends from university, West Point, who everyone called a real ladies man, struggled with his timing about coming out. On more than one occasion he told me about it. In fact, I wondered if he was testing to see if I was interested. I think he questioned my sexual desires because I wasn’t as active as in high school as he thought I should be. If he had been hitting on me, he stopped. A few months later, I saw him at a party, but he didn’t see me. He had just come out of the bedroom with another young man, someone I didn’t know. As the two exited a bedroom, his friend was still zipping up his pants. Both had smiles and parted with a kiss. I had seen this before, so I guessed that my friend had just been on his knees for a quickie.

Yes, in my early days of training in hypnosis, I learned about sexual development and behavior. I’m still an intern on this stuff because honestly it takes decades to be good at it, but I understand the science behind it that is another topic for another day. And yes, it get fascinating. However, I must warn you, my dream is beyond science. We study dreams and how it affects the brain, but my dream has me breathless. Maybe I’ll bring it up in book 2. Just a hint. Example of science based conclusions. You can be born gay. That’s what the science says. Like I said, more on this later.

Although on occasion I did join a party or two, I had found my greatest joy from a small list of hobbies that didn’t include girls. This short list includes IT and hypnosis. Although I have learned hand to hand combat and understand how easy it it to kill someone, I can’t see myself becoming an expert hitman. I would prefer to be the guy who manipulates the business deals and learns more IT, like hacking or enemies computers (as they do it to us often) or working with a special operations team and using tech on a mission. I gotta tell you that I love the Iron Man movies. Tony’s tech knowledge always takes my breath away.

!! timeline issue

Slight change of subject.

I know it sounds corny, but my mother made an amazing impact on me, including helping me to understand my father well. My brain is set to default; it trusts mom more than dad. They know this. They planned it this way. The question is will they ever attempt a reboot to flip this at some point in the future?

When your parents feel honored time and time again that you are trying to learn to trust them, it builds a bond. There’s one caveat: You must be lucky enough to have parents who know their “ass from a hole in the ground.” I like this expression. On this planet, that’s asking a lot. I don’t doubt that I’ll learn about bad deals (unethical, immoral, and criminal) my father has done and plans to continue to do. However, I’ll pretend like mom didn’t know about them (the protective son syndrome), and I will even argue and lie in a court under oath about it. But over all, my life experience is telling me, they’ve learned how to balance the impossible: Raising a relatively healthy children in a completely fucked up and unstable world. If that’s not a feat, I don’t know what is.

However good or bad your relationship is between mom and dad, you take so much of that into your own marriage. Some rich families pull this off and some don’t – most seem not to. Mine were doing it better than most, at least in my opinion.

At some point in my life I had a gut feeling that my father would reveal a short list of business investments to me and it would almost force me to change my opinion of him. I won’t give you my list now, because I want your imagination to ruminate. Let me help you with your overactive imagination as it ruminates. If there is a chance my family is involved with less-than moral enterprises, why do my parents want me to marry Claire, knowing her father has taken the opposite life approach of fighting these people?

!! timetime and too serious

My father had tuned into me and I think he was more relieved by my choice to be committed to one woman – no saying how long this will last, after all, I’m still a guy in this twenties with raging hormones. One reason I like Edward from Twilight or Clark Kent from TV series is I can relate. Women are the greatest mystery on this planet to men (to me). One of my greatest disappointments in this life is how quickly sexual desire for a gorgeous women is minimized when you sleep around a bit.

My father enjoyed watching my focused morning routine and how I was learning to put my sexual energy into the productive hobbies, like the martial arts and meditation. He would often tell me, “either you control your energy or it controls you.” Timothy and my mother said the same thing, more than once. They were all reading from the same book.

I awoke to the sound of the plane hitting a runway. Hawaii. The plane wasn’t scheduled to depart for at least several hours, so I decided to go to our hotel. Yes, when i say our, I mean we owned the hotel. It was one of our many holdings with our equity partners.

I got out of bed, jumped into a SUV and was ushered to one of my favorite suites. I had stayed here on several occasions. I even had clothing in the closet. When I awoke, it was time for morning exercise and a swim. I know. Boring. As I sat at the table for a quick bite, I imagined Claire with me. Soon she would travel with me to this location, so I took time to fantasize about it.

In the next few hours, I would be informed of the final details of our travel plans and then fly to one more location. I was guessing that secret location would be a small little island near Hong Kong. Geographically, it made the most sense. If it was “in the area” we called it Hong Kong. I’d been on trips like this before. However, something felt wrong. When I get this feeling, it usually meant my father would put me in a position where I had to make hard choices, another test.

!! timeline
The time passed quickly. I was informed of our final destination. The plan was to fly into and island near Hong Kong and attend a meeting or two. This wasn’t the bad part. The reason I had left my phone home was there would be no trace of me going there.

I remember when President Trump’s lawyer Cohen was asked if he had been to Progue. He quickly showed up and showed his passport to the authorities, “proving” he had never been to Progue. I and my secret society of friends laughed at the beautiful media hype.

Flying directly into Hong Kong and not being seen is impossible. Camera’s are everywhere. It is an international city that is known for its safety. Crime is low because of the police or military presence. What can I say. I like Hong Kong. You can practice your Chinese and English on every street and it celebrates all Chinese and western holidays. If you ever wanted to move to a city where you get to celebrate the holidays from 2 completely different cultures, UK and China, this is the place for you. Whenever we fly in, I ask the same question, “What holiday is coming up?”

There was one main reason these trips bothered me: the secrecy. Sooner or later, Claire would ask me about the details, and I hated to lie. We, meaning Claire and I, hadn’t worked out how much of my family business life should be or could be shared. Kind of like being married to a CIA agent, we both had a learning curve regarding what she could know and when. However, I was pretty confident that my mother was more than aware of most of my father’s secrets. To give you an idea about this, she assured me that a wife can read her husband well, if she wants to and has a little training. I won’t give you the details now, that’s her story. But I’ll give a hint, she, on only one or two occasions, shared with me people reading skills from her training with Timothy. This came out a few years after my first meeting with him.

But my always faithful mother said, “Trust me Michael. I’ll explain how this works, when the time is right.” My hope and my guess is if I do make it to the altar with Claire and we do our vows, my mother will have explained at least some of this to me.

Chapter 12 I’m bored — I need some excitement

With a few hours to burn, I went for a swim in the hotel’s pool. It is probably one of the best places in the world to go because it has all the elements for the perfect swim. Although I have never served as a lifeguard, I passed all the tests. I even passed tests required for Navy Seals. Like I said before, I am a toned hunk. I’m a good catch both physically, mentally, and financially. But I have a rule about swimming before flying. Since I would be air born in a matter of hours, it was more sensable to keep my head above water. I wore earplugs, eyewear, head gear, and bathing trunks. I did a little freestyle and try to avoid staring too much at the girls in their cheekie binkins. My family visits here at least one time per year, so a some of the locals know me. It’s common for someone, especially a beautifully formed bikini girl to say hi with a few friends.

As I was sitting pool side, one of my ex’s, a girl named Jenna, came up to me with two friends. My mother had offered a few pointers on how to turn a girl off. In today’s world, even if a guy says he’s gay, this comment tends to encourage girls, especially the overly horny girls. In Hawaii, there are plenty of them.

Jenna’s almost see-through light-green toned netted bikini and her long black island hair was quite a site. We had met before and a couple years ago, and made out and some other stuff. She was fun while it lasted, but nothing to rush back to Hawaii for.

There’s a song by singer Billy Joel.

“I am the entertainer and I know just where I stand.

I’ve played all kinds of palaces and laid all kinds of girls.

Cant remember faces, dont remember names, oh but what the hell,

you know its just as well cause after a while and a thousand miles, it all becomes the same.

I was kind of humming the song when she approached with her friends.

“Michael, you’re in town. Nice to see you.”

“Hi Jenna.”

Ok, she is about a perfect as a girl gets. I’m talking Hawaiian to the core. Go watch Baywatch Hawaii. You’ll get the idea.

I looked very cool in my sun glasses. The two other girls that were with her also introduced themselves. I forgot their names. I know, you would think with my memory that would be easy enough. Girls, if you are trying to hit on a rich dude and he keeps forgetting your name, stop trying. You got it, its an unconscious response because I don’t care.

I chose a place to sit where there wasn’t many people. The idea of a few social interruptions would help pass the time. One of my father’s security team members kept glancing my way. His name is Clark. Yes, he knew about Jenna. Ironically, when he first met her, by my introduction, he even commented on how good my taste was in women.

I glanced over at him. He was ready for the show, after all, all the people close to my family knew I was officially seeing Claire. He had this big smirk on this face as though he might need to save me from the accessive cleavage that was distracting me.

“In town for a while?”

Everyone knew asking questions like that was kind of stupid because I would never give a straight answer, but Jenna was a talker, a socialite. She said whatever came to mind.

“Don’t know. Have you been in the water today?”

“Yes. So nice. Do you want to go a few laps, chase some sharks?” She gave her silly little laugh. As I hear her laugh, it brought back a few times when we were together. She had had a few sips of wine and we were getting comfortable.

“No thanks. But you’re all welcome to grab seats and join me. Drinks are on the house.” What can i say, I’m a social lite. I can’t help staring and beautiful women, even ones I’ve slept with. Yes, if Linda showed up and didn’t bring her list of demands, I’d even kiss her again if I wasn’t thinking of Claire. I know — men predictable.”

As I was chatting with the girls, Clark from our security team walked up. You would never think he is a trained body guard, dressed in a Hawaiin shirt and shorts, with baseball cap that says, “Nike” and a pair of sun glasses from the Top Gun movie. I don’t know what people think when they see people like this approach me, but since many know of my family, they probably put two and two together.



“Someone wants to say hi to you.” He smiled as he handed me his phone. I knew who it was.

I’ll admit it. I acted friendly but also business-like. It was kind of like I didn’t want these bikini girls around me to know about the person on the other end of the call.


“Whatcha doing?”

“Enjoying the sun. I’m at the pool side. Beautiful scenery.” I almost said, beautiful girls.

“I hope you don’t mean the bikini girls.” I laughed.

“No. Only naked old men around me. The sky is blue, the trees are green, and the only thing that is missing is you.”

“You’re so sweat, Michael. Well, I just called to say ‘I miss you.’ Your mom called and said I should get used to doing this. She also said, I might not be able to call you in a few hours — whatever that means.”

“Yeah. This is the best time for a call.”

Damn did it feel strange talking on the phone to a girl when 6 others bikini babes were sitting around me in the tropics. I shook, ever so slightly.

“You’re mom was nice enough to give me a call and invite me and my folks over for a family get together next week.”


I glanced at my group of friends. No one was paying any attention to me, and a couple of guys had pulled up chairs. I love distractions.

“Anyway, still don’t know my schedule for the next two days. I won’t know till later. However, once confirmed I’m heading into Detroit, I’ll call you.”

The call ended, so I glanced at my watch. I had a few things to do before we left. I stood up and stretched and looked around. For the first time in my life, I was now on official business with my father, I had a girlfriend I actually cared for, and I was finished with university.

“Where did the time go?”

I wanted to just sit and watch how beautiful the scenery and breeze were before I made my exit.

The fact that Clark gave me the phone was more of a stunt for the girls than anything. He didn’t announced who I was talking with. He left that up to me. Although I wasn’t even officially engaged, it felt that way. The belief was there but not the deep down confidence. I had felt this way with Linda before we slept together.

You live and you learn.

From the time I had the dream and then our meeting on the boat, so much in life had changed – at least it seemed that way. I had purpose and I really wanted each moment to count. One of the books my mother had recommended to me was the Power of Now, by Eckert Tolle. Learning to love each moment of life is the key.

Just listening to the way Claire said, “I miss you” and her laugh gave me goosebumps. No beautiful young woman had ever said that to me, knowing they meant it. Claire was the first and it was magical.

If she had said, “I love you,” it would have felt wrong, so “I miss you” felt right.

Every once in a while my mind fluttered. Kind of like a reality check. The thoughts of getting serious at a young age and the challenge of trying to wait 3 years for Claire. No one really knew how long the pre-engage or the engage would last. Other people I have known were able to wait that long. I also, once in a while, I would think back to sex with Legs and call it a blessing. I did get physical with a few other girls since my meeting with Legs, but since I didn’t put my heart into those relationships, there wasn’t much there.

I don’t know how much time passed. It was similar to watching a movie. We call this a dissociation in hypnosis. I looked at my watch, noticed the time, said farewell to my small party of friends (I didn’t even know all their names) and walked away from the pool deck. As I arrived at my room, there was a note on the table:

!! timeline 2 hours.

Plane leaves at —-: —- . I had about 2 hours. I had a plan for how to spend the afternoon, and it was time to initiate it. It was time to take a shower. As I entered in, I checked my bag because Claire had given me a going away present. She gave it to my mom at the last minute. It was packed in my suitcase. The first item was a bottle of perfume. I was a little nervous about opening it, fearing it might arouse me, but I opened it anyway. The smell filled the room. I also notice another item in my bag. My best guess, Claire had asked mom to pack them for me as a gift for my journey. It was a pair of her green underwear, the same from my dream. This freaked me out. I wanted to call her again and ask, but I figured asking her face to face would make more sense.

!! was this mentioned in the earlier chat ?

I flipped opened my ipad and a beloved picture popped up. I had taken it during a boat party a few years ago. So all of my best friends from high school were in it. I made a mental note to update the picture soon. I mentioned to her on the boat that I needed new pictures. She was probably already sending them to my phone. It was probably turned off and still laying in the kitchen.

The perfume had filled the air and I placed her underwear on my head, kind of like a hat. After working for about 30 minutes, my imagination was getting the better of me. The gifts were nice, but a distraction.

I’ll admit it. After I had kissed her and went home, I did a little fantasizing about her, but I did not allow myself to really get into it. Let’s just say, the fantasizing was in my head, not in my hand. I looked at a few more pictures of her, including her graduation picture from high school, and headed towards the shower. All I took was the perfume and panties. I entered into the shower, and for the first time in my life, in my mind Claire was with me. I hadn’t allowed myself to fantasize about her like this before because I didn’t want to scar the memory and there were enough girls, including high school girls, I had made out with that I could fantasize about.

!! confusing.

Having an actual piece of her underwear and perfume, and knowing she had just said “I miss you,” was really affecting my emotions. In the shower, the water went all over and I felt the warm intensity of it as it power-washed me in all the right places. All i had to do was aim. This was a high tech shower. The toilet was also modern; it was paperless with a heater. This meant after you finished your business, water would wash your bum clean. If you sat long enough, it would dry you too. I dried off with a towel.

!! would she have given such a gift?

As the shower did its stroking, it was hypnotic. I was holding her underwear in my hand and from time to time raising it to my nose to smell it. It had her perfume. Without thinking about it, I placed the panties over my head, knowing the crotch would cover my nose. The water streamed in all directions, including massaging my butt and crotch, making it easy to imagine she was down there. I placed both of my hands on towel holder to brace myself. My legs were shaking as my imagination continued to get the better of me.

I started to whisper, “Yeah honey. Just like that.” There was about 6 streams of water shooting me exactly where I wanted to feel touched. I had a pair of underwear over my head, getting wetter and wetter, and dripping a perfumed water on my face and in my mouth. I tried to imagine what her taste and smell would be like. I focused on it, and visualized it. I had never done something so dramatic like this and I saw how addicting it could be.

Maybe ten minutes had passed, maybe more. I went through many memories of being close to her, like kissing her on the boat and watching her walk down the hall in high school. The high school memories were vivid. I sometimes wondered if she saw or felt my stare. Her walk was perfect and how her long hair bounced just so slightly. Her ass moved just enough. It often made me wonder if she practiced the hip walk in the mirror from time to time.

I changed positions in a shower at least 20 times, depending on how intense my crotch was getting as it responded to my imagination. I had also noticed a couple of positions that could offer, potentially, a full climax because of the direction of the water and the force it was flowing at. I was probably fifteen minutes into my hypnotic shower when I began to feel my body shaking towards orgasm. I had learned the value of self-pleasuring years earlier. I don’t remember what age.

I was minutes, perhaps seconds before I would be going full throttle. As my mind played out the scenarios, I pictured us in the shower and married. She was on her knees. As the soft warm water rushed between my legs, I imagined her hands and mouth doing all the right things. I moaned and moved my body as my imagination, the water, and her perfumed panties created the perfect moment. The intensity ended in a and started to laugh because my legs really started to shake. I found myself sitting on the bench in the shower, the water still steaming the place up. I couldn’t remember if I had used my hand or not to help, but I don’t think I did. My mind’s imagination was powerful enough.

“Thank you honey. That was perfect.”

Forcing my eyes to stay closed, a got a beautiful thought: My wife just performed oral sex on me and she enjoyed it as much as I did. I smiled and pictured her rising up, placing her arms around my neck and kissing me. I opened my mouth to receive her tongue. She was good with tongue kissing, but this wasn’t surprising, since we had practiced a lot.

An irony came to me. I’ve never heard of a girl who really enjoyed giving oral sex to her boyfriend in high school or college, but my guy friends bragged regularly that they enjoyed going down on girls. Since my experience with Legs had been negative, I figure many boys probably didn’t really have a great experience so they changed their stories to become popular.

As that thought wandered in my mind, a magical moment in the shower seemed less likely, so i made a mental note that I would talk to Claire about that.

On the other hand, my honest opinion of sex is a total giving to your partner. As memory recalls, I had never had a moment of self pleasure in the past which had been so intense. As I sat in the shower, waiting for my strength to return, I opened my eyes and smiled about sharing my shower experience with her. I was interested, to share my fantasy life with her. I figured the more I shared, the more we might try different things together.

I walked out of the shower feeling tired. Having a climax will do that to a guy. A note had been set on my table, probably while I was in the shower. The plane would be leaving soon. I would be ready. The sooner we left for Hong Kong, the sooner we would return to Detroit. I felt tempted to call Claire and tell her I had just had sex with her in the shower, but I decided to tell her this when I got back home. I wanted to see the look in her eyes as I told her. Hopefully she would smile and say something like, “Your dream better have been about me” and then kiss me.

I laughed.

I love the idea of being open about sex. My parents encourage regularly. We had had a few talks before my meeting with Legs, so the talks became more open after that event. Don’t get me wrong, we don’t get into a lot of details, but both my mom and dad did ask me if I had been involved with oral sex pretty early in high school. Since this is the most likely way young kids experiment, its a reasonable question.

!! timeline.
My older sister even talked about it with me a little. Like many girls, she had experienced a little experimenting in high school, university, and beyond. I always felt close to my sister. She was beautiful and we shared many of our secrets. I remembered giving her a kiss good night when i was very young, before my teen years. One reason I probably never tried to kiss a guy in high school was people smoked and drank when they did experimenting at parties. When I kissing my sister, not a tongue kiss mind you, and other girls, they was soft and smelled great.

!! older sister.

I drifted off and was awakened by a knock on my door. It was time to leave for Hong Kong. As I boarded our Gulfstream 650, the erie feeling had returned. I knew my dad wasn’t telling me a detail or two and I felt all the joy for Claire disappear. Everything was too easy. Life had to get more complexed.