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Coming soon: The Angry One

I am a novelist and I will be releasing my book during summer of 2021.

Initially, I wrote a series of nonfiction short stories. Many of the stories were clients I worked with as a life coach and hypnotist. These stories were featured at different times on this website. However, I kept integrating the details of the people’s lives from the nonfiction stories into the characters I “made up” in my novel series. As you can imagine, the 2 projects, a nonfiction and a fiction project became a bit too much to handle, so I simplified.

By summer time 2021, if the powers that run this world are willing, I hope to publish the first novel. As it is with any series, it is difficult to publish the first book without giving thought to books 2 and 3.

I like to call this project the fiction self-help project. If you ever wanted to see behind the scenes of hypnosis as well as the journey some go through to find healing, then this novel will be a page turner for you.

If you enjoy romance novels but always hoped for murder mysteries and help from the paranormal, then this novel series will catch your attention.

Some of what we experience as hypnotists seems magical to many people we work with. My goal is to open the world of hypnosis to you by exploring the mysteries of the unconscious mind.