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Stalker* book 1 ch 4 to 6 sept 18

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Chapter 4:   Day 1

This is a copy of the conversation I had with the Stalker after RK got involved. 


I made it through the night.  Time to begin the messages.

Me: Hi

Stalker: Hello, hello, hello, my princess.

Me: Let’s get to the point. I’m not happy with this surprise visit.

Me:  I'm not happy with how you forced me to meet with you yesterday. 

Me: Do you promise you will never do it again?


Stalker: Yes. I promise I will remember that. Honestly, I didn’t plan it this way, but I knew I had to spend time with you.

Stalker:  When we talk and you look at me, you’ll know I’ve changed. I don’t expect you to fall in love with me at first sight. But you must see I’ve changed.

Me: You should have sent a message. I’m so busy and now I’m feeling obligated.

Stalker: I didn’t consider you would be so busy. Don’t change your schedule to suit me.

Stalker : If you can find time, great. If not, I understand.   

Me: Good. I’m worried that you might get angry with me. I don’t like it when you’re angry with me.

Stalker: Of course not. Relax. I’ll go for a walk and so on. 

Me: Ok, I’ll let you know more later today or tomorrow. I’ll send a message.

Stalker: Ok, have a nice afternoon.

Me:  Enjoy your visit of Ann Arbor. Go see Detroit. Take a tour.  

Stalker :  Hahaha. I’m not leaving the downtown area. I plan to stay very local. 

Stalker : Hope your classwork goes well.

Stalker : I’ll call tonight, we can chat for a few minutes before bed.

Stalker: Hahaha. Trying to remind you of old times.

!! APP

The old times were really bad — mostly him demanding my time and sex. Nothing has changed.  

!! APP

Me: Let me clarify. I’ll send you a text tomorrow in the afternoon.

Me:  Don’t send me a message until you get mine.  

Me: I have many deadlines and did not plan for an interruption like this.

Stalker:  Sure. Don’t worry. I am here to help.  

Me: I’ll send it tomorrow. Wait for it. Before 5pm.   

Stalker:  Ok. Miss u. 

Chapter 5:      Day 2

RK is available on another phone like yesterday.


Stalker:  Hi. I didn’t plan to send you a message until I heard from you. But I realize how busy you are and want to offer my help.

Me: You agreed not to send me a message.

Me: Do you understand why this makes me not trust you?

Stalker: Oh course you can trust me. I’m very good at fixing things and a slave to those I love. Just let me know how I can help. 

Stalker: I’m sitting in the Starbucks near the Computer Science building.

Me: So you are 5 minutes walk from me? 


I’m actually far away from that location.


Me:  Go take a tour of Ann Arbor. Let’s talk in 2 days.

Stalker:  2 days is too long to wait. I’ll walk you home after I buy you a cup of coffee. Remember, I’m only 5 minutes away.  


Ironically, I was never a coffee drinker — he had forgotten this small point also.  

Stalker:  You said we would have coffee soon. I’m not trying to get hours.

Stalker:  I didn’t fly all the way from France to Michigan to do a tour of Ann Arbor and Detroit. Been there. Done that. I’m here for you.

Me:  No one has ever sent me messages like this. I’m getting more nervous and scared. This is not helping me right now. Even sending these texts takes time. My heart is racing.   

Me: Do you understand? 

Stalker :  I understand. However, I’d be happy to just walk you home. Not gonna ask to go inside and have lunch -- or something else -- hahaha.  


Stalker: You shouldn’t be scared or nervous. No surprises.  I have some gifts for you.

Stalker :  Not leaving until I give them to you so you’ll know how special you are to me.


He must believe his insistence is romantic — but it’s not; it’s terrifying.  


Me:  I’m confused. Why are you placing demands on me?  

Stalker : Forgive me. Not my intention. Just want to give you a bag of gifts. 

Me: I’m scared. I told you I don’t have time for these obligations. Do you understand?

Stalker:  You are not thinking clearly Sakura. I flew all the way in on a plane to give you a bag of gifts, do coffee, and give you a hug. This is not scary -- it’s something boyfriends do all the time.

Stalker :  Anyway, let’s stop this drama. I’ll be here in the cafe when you are ready.

Me:  You never answered my question.  You are scaring me. I feel like you’re demanding my time even after you promised you wouldn’t. Your interruptions are also breaking a promise.

Me: Do you understand this?  Yes or no? 

Stalker :  Ok, I’ll admit, I’m getting a little angry. I’m not demanding anything, Sakura. Just asking for a bit of your time. I’ve never demanded anything from you. My requests are common between a boyfriend and a girlfriend.


I stop sending messages, and wait a while.  He sends another message.   


Stalker: Your responses are so  . . . crazy . . . Sakura. You have no reason at all be scared of me . . . I love you.

Me: Notice, you are ignoring answering my question and trying to force me into obligations.

Me: I asked if you understand you are scaring me. I need a yes or a no.

Stalker :  You are reading too much into this. I never said you have to spend a lot of time with me. Just enough time so I can give you gifts, a hug, and so on. You know how this works.

Stalker: I respect you too much to force you into anything. However, I have a bag of gifts and plan to give them to you today, fairly soon.

Stalker:  How long can that take?   I’m only 5 minutes away.   

Stalker:  When you see me and give me a hug, you’ll see how unreasonable you’re being.


There is another long pause because I don’t respond, so he sends another message. 


Stalker :  I love you. I know you have feelings for me. Let’s just do a quick meet up. Everything will be great.  

Me:  Wow. You do not want to answer a simple question.    

Me: I have concluded your answer is no. You don’t want to admit how much you are scaring me. Instead, you are ignoring my feelings.  This is really scary. Do you understand? Yes or no? 

Stalker:  We need to meet, face to face. I’ll give you this gift bag. Everything’ll be fine.

Me:  Wow. You can’t even answer a simple question. A question about how I feel. About how scared I am.  

Me:  You don’t respect me enough to even answer a simple question.

Me: No, we will not meet today.  I will contact you before you leave.


Stalker:  My heart is broken.

Stalker :  So you are nervous and in your mind nervous and scared are similar.

Stalker :  As usual, you are overthinking things.

Stalker :  But it really hurts that you tell me you are scared of me.

Stalker :  I fly all the way here from France to tell you I love you and give you gifts.

Stalker :  I am crying now. I will head back to my hotel 

!! added 

I whisper to myself: Stalker, you’re crying? Do you really think I care?  Now you have a little idea of how I felt -- so many times!  


Chapter 6:   The end is not the end

There is one more chapter but it is not included here. After all, we want our beta readers to have some fun and have to guess the ending.

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