002 Writing: IELTS and TOEFL Task 2

IELTS and TOEFL Task 2 writing are similar.

002 Learning IELTS and TOELF writing task 2

01 Read the topic and understand what the task is requiring. The terms task and task requirement mean the same things.

An example topic:

Many people believe that it is more important to find a major at university that offers the best opportunity for students to find the best job. Others believe students should enjoy their university experience and not worry about how much money they may make when the graduate.

Task requirement:

Consider both opinions and offer your opinion.

Let’s have a closer look at how students use the template above to write this essay.

01 Understand the topic and task.

The topic offers 2 opinions.

The task requires you to consider both. This usual means writing 1 body paragraph for each opposing opinion.

02 Learning to organize and orient yourself to the task of the test

You will need at least 4 paragraphs for this essay. We will call these paragraphs P1 (paragraph 1), P2 (paragraph 2), P3 (paragraph 3), and P4 (paragraph 4). Here is a map so it is easier to follow:

P1 — paragraph 1 – introduction

P2 — paragraph 2 – also called body paragraph 1 (BP1)

P3 — paragraph 3 – also called body paragraph 2 (BP2)

(Note: you can also expand the body paragraphs to 3 or 4 — this sample only has 2 BPs.)

P4 — paragraph 4 – conclusion or a sum up paragraph

The above is a simple map.

P1 The first is your introduction paragraph.

I agree students should choose a major that offer them the best chance to find a good job. However, I do understanding that students should be able to study want they want. In this essay, I will offer arguments to support both.

P2 The lessor argument. The one I do not agree with.

Many people believe that students should student what they want at university. One reason is the student must spend three to four years at a university to do this. If they do not like their major because they are focused only on academics and a job in the future, they will miss much of the excitement which universities offer, such as social clubs. Every year social media offers stories of how unhappy students are who spend their time only focused on learning their major. A story on Youtube interviewed students and many expressed how the pressure to get the highest scores for interviewing purposes impacted their social lives. One student even reported that his university schedule was so challenging that he burned out at the end and did not attempt to start the interview process until one year later.

P3 The stronger of the 2 arguments. My opinion.

Others argue that it takes too long, four years, and too much money to attend university, so students must have an end goal. In fact globally, because so many students have spent so much money on education but are unable to get jobs today, many of these students are demanding that someone else pays their bills for them. Politicians in countries like America have tried to earn the vote of these voters by promising to bail out this student debt. Over the past decade, many US presidential candidates have made a promise that sounds like this: Vote for me and I will take care of your student loans. To conclude, if these students had focused on attending university only after they had given more consideration to their financial situation before they attended university, arguably this problem would not be such a concern nowadays.

P4 The conclusion

In conclusion, I agree that students must give serious consideration to a future career when they choose a university major, so the job prospects are better and they will have a chance to pay off their student loans. This may not have solved the student load global debt problem entirely, but it would have encouraged students to be more responsible with he choices they made.

The end

You will notice 2 more templates were used.

003 The template for the essay where you must argue two different opinions.

004 The template for each paragraph

The end