Timeline Elim Oct

every items must have at least 3 attributes :

a) a date

b) a time

c) the purpose / subject / name of the event

when we finish a topic, we can write the word ” done ”

Elim task – type in the name Elim in search to find links quickly

Rick task




Oct 11, wednesday — hypno tape

A) focus on our starting our meeting correctly – we can call this our “start the meeting routine”

B) review monday to do schedule.

C) prepare a new hypno track for less than 10 minutes – helpful for listening to before a meeting

i) anxiety from deadlines


D) Final prep for W3 M1 preaching video – remember all content must be specific to the theme:

G) talk about reviewing youtube videos on how to set up a good shop on amazon, etsy , and other platforms

H) our week 3 topic should be made with consideration of 4 things:

i) types of products selling in POD stores where we plan to post

ii) key word searches etc

iii) after we consider the advice from tiktok marketers on selling products

iv) after reviewing video or master classes on how to effectively list and sell

wednesday, oct 5

00) meet at 9:30 — start with tapping — take time to visualize — practice chinese

01 AI work more on images for the dog vid – can also work on obama trump baby

i) visit etsy amazon and others — done

ii) we want to have an AI imagine finished to share with people by wednesday oct 5 –

iii) i plan to post a link wednesday night to our partners

02) we will use the banana video for wednesday and i will prepare another video on thursday for friday

03) I will prepare a hypno track for the dog video

coming soon

04) must get website up in October so we have a landing page

Saturday, oct 8

00) meet at 9 — we will go about 40 minutes then 10p and go 40 minutes

A) start with tapping — take time to visualize — practice chinese

B) review the dog vid tonight, consider a change or 2, and re-edit. Post on monday.

C). fix the sound issue on the friday vid.

D) . talk about the udemy class you are taking. – what will i (rick) gain from taking the class.

E). a brief talk about how your video editing skills are improving and what we can do to help improve quickly.

F) a brief talk about how i can improve my VO skills for the videos

G) lets make a final draft of a t-shirt and cup coaster to post on amazon — i will send it to brian tomorrow

i) we will use AI – no fiverr

Saturday, oct 15

A) analytics on tiktok

B) discuss Monday video

Coming soon in october

01) focus on accountability partners

A) must prep videos for the website and youtube on how accountability partners works

02) i plan to advertise the book in vids in oct as i plan to offer resources to help people who deal with chronic anxiety.

03) will come up with a more specific treatable “disease or disorder” since chronic anxiety is too broad.

B) perhaps i will go with panic attacks — must get specific

04) setup new links

Oct 27 thursday

01) AI pictures — prepare or 2 more ideas for t-shirts and upload to bouncepen.

02) planning call sometime between 5p and 6p — i dont know when i will be back in the office

03) final preparation for upload to etsy and printify

04 Evening call planned for after 9:00p at least 2 – 40 minute calls – might be closer to 10p


I) coding call — update for udemy

10 PhD stuff

Remember, place on the blog the other projects, such as the website, and what you need from me. Everything should be date specific and so on.



Search about how much on machine learning how mcuh on business? What data can amazon provide to us? What support do they offer? How do we use the resources offered by amazon? by Friday 30th Sep


Meet with supervisor on Friday 30th Sep about this

an example of an entry you can make



amazon research reward — team work begins — monday october 3rd — evening 9p


amazon contest — thursday — october 6th


amazon — trying to organize and finalize — sunday the 9th of october

Amazon research reward October 19th

i) finish the proposal

ii) we will do it together


special issue full paper. 16th Jan


finish PhD website score system. 30th Nov

17) Things we have discussed.

01 you need me to send you a script or more details regarding videos – i will do this for some videos but . . . read 02 below

02 i want you to continue using your imagination as an editor since we are not trying to go viral yet


19) Date to finish website — the relaxation date — November 1st. tuesday 星期二

20 Elim’s deadline — must be finished

Dec 1st — finish website for PhD project


16th of October the Everything Hypnosis website will be working and all testing will be done

C) Amazon research reward proposal



Monthly meeting: last meeting 26th Sep, next one before 26th Oct