Timeline Elim Nov

every items must have at least 3 attributes :

a) a date

b) a time

c) the purpose / subject / name of the event

when we finish a topic, we can write the word ” done ”

Elim task – type in the name Elim in search to find links quickly

Rick task



The link to the october admin timeline

5) november 4th, yes

Rick begins code academy courses /w3school for certifications :

a) html

b) java

c) css

d) react

e) python

6) november 8th, tuesday

a) set up blog page with links to platforms we use – so team members can use

Brian requested canva and AI so he can go in and improve the resolution and so on for our t-shrt images

i) canva

ii) AI i forgot the name

iii) any others we use

10) November 30 , wednesday

set up websites:

a) everthing hypnosis

b) phd website

c) Rick has at least 1 certificate finished

15) December 10th, saturday

post an ad on in upwork or wherever — for javascript and react

17 PhD stuff

Remember, place on the blog the other projects, such as the website, and what you need from me. Everything should be date specific and so on.

21th November

meet with supervisor

create outline for EMAC paper

22th November

get Rick’s feedback for my outline for EMAC paper

25th November

finish the draft EMAC

30th November

Completely finish the PhD website & everything hypnosis website

05 December

EMAC conference paper.(Submit an abstract).(must)(official deadline)

30th December

completely finish collecting the data(questionaire, click behaviour) from participants through the website.

10th Jan

completely finish writing the whole paper(short)ranging from 7 papers to however long I need.(special issue)

completely finish the amazon research award

16th Jan(estimate official deadline)

Special issue(long paper length depends on the content range from 7 pages).

Amazon research award. (estimate official deadline),supervisor has wrote a templat I can change over it.

14th Feb

10000 words annual review for the university to approve that I can continue with my program. (must)

19) Things we have discussed.

01 you need me to send you a script or more details regarding videos – i will do this for some videos but . . . read 02 below

02 i want you to continue using your imagination as an editor since we are not trying to go viral yet


notice : these were set in october –

23) Date to finish website — the relaxation date — November 11st. tuesday 星期二

20 Elim’s deadline — must be finished

Dec 1st — finish website for PhD project


16th of October the Everything Hypnosis website will be working and all testing will be done

C) Amazon research reward proposal



Monthly meeting: last meeting 26th Sep, next one before 26th Oct