TOEFL the Curriculum july*

Each section is listen in the order it is taught. Rick focuses on progressively building skills.

TOEFL is different from IELTS in many ways, but they are both very similar. For more about this, click here.

The most important difference in the opinion of many students is the need to learn how to take good notes for TOEFL.

Speaking Section

This section has 4 questions. One question is a question about a life experience you have had or your opinion about a topic. The other 3 questions are integrated topics where you must read and / or listen to a recording and then speak a response about it.

For most students, learning to take notes for questions 2 to 4 is important when practicing.

Rick teaches a variety of testing skills which including the following:

a How to relax

b How to feel good about each part

c Timing: how to time each section — when you do this properly, it will feel magical

d Breathing: how to breathe – yes, it makes a big difference

e How to format great responses naturally

f How to take notes during questions 2 to 4

Writing Section

This section has 2 parts.

Task 1 is an integrated task. You must read an article and listen to a lecture. Then you write a response.

You will learn:

A How to write your notes efficiently.

B Leaning how to ask the following questions:

01 What are the main points?

02 What information is new?

For most students, learning to take notes is important when practicing this section.

Task 2 is an essay expressing your opinion on a topic.

This is an opinion essay. It requires you to rely only on your personal experience.

Listening Section

Listening has 2 parts. Each part has 3 sections.

For most students, learning to take notes is important when practicing this section.

Reading Section

The reading has . . . . did not finish