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This page contains a list of ideas for marketing and links.

Current we are considering focusing on people. This list can easily be extended to their hobbies.

This channel looks at famous people and how hypnosis makes them successful.

An example of an opening topic: 00

How to format a video name : EHV Wk1 W1 sept 19

EHV everything hypnosis video : week 1 : wednesday 1 : sept 19

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Which US president is more hypnotic?



How to format: First is obama second is Trump.

Vote and sign up so you can see the results.

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Obama goes – first, i like either — big wall or no collusion but not both

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3 interesting facts about cigars, your health, and hypnosis

Watch for the link towards the end for a free download to enhance your cigar experience.

Why cigars are the perfect hypnotic induction:
The hobbyest uses his cigar to physically (kinestheciall) and mentally slow down.

b. First, the smell and touch are an induction towards trance.

c. next, as you light the cigar, the sensations increase.

d. third, when you add alcohol and other stimuli, the experience becomes magnified. This is especially true of ladies perfume.

After the induction, you are in a tranquil place.

Click the link below to listen to a free download. The meditation track last about 10 minutes. You can order long ones, depending on how long your cigar experience lasts.

(Once they click, they will be sent an email to confirm address and so on. They will then get a short intro video of how to best use the track and how to hire me as a voice over actor. ).

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01.5 why eating chocolate is so hypnotic

why cigar smokers like to drink whiskey

cigars and history

ropeless jumprope the benefits of using them.

The addictive nature of jumpropes using a cordless jumprope.

3 reason people love cordless jumpropes

they are less expensive
you never trip on a cord
you wrist move fast since there is no fear of the rope snagging and pain shooting through your wrist and arm

To enjoy your experience jump roping more. download our free meditation track.

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2 ways to hypnotize your boss so he will know you don’t like him but he cant do anyting about it

2 bible verses that are confusing.

The hypnotic nature of Hebrews 11: 1.

The book of Hebrews is said to have elements of hypnosis because it does not answer the big question. What is faith?

Hebrew 11:1

Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.

I’ve read this bible verse hundreds of times and still do not understand it.

According to multiple pastors (and I will paraphrase), “this is not a definition, it is a description”

Now the real confusion:

Hebrew 11: 6

And without faith it is impossible to please God, because anyone who comes to him must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who earnestly seek him.


How can we have faith when the text does not give us a definition?

The solution: Here is a formula for Old Testament faith:

Faith =. a promise from God that he will do something + you agree with him and get busy + you do not have the ability to do what he asks, so you must wait for him to do miracles or to give you the chance to develop skills.

For more about how faith works, in the old testament, see the following link.

five famous people who like cigars


The 5 most common mistakes parents make according to hypnotherapists

A they forget to have agreement on major issues – schooling, finances,

B they argue in front of their children

C Parents forget that their children (especially ages 7 and younger) perceive them as almost like god

D children do not listen to their words , instead, children feel how they feel and watch what they do

because of this parenting is hypnotic

E When parents do not initiate intimacy by telling their children about their struggles

F they place too much value on sexual compatibility during dating – in reality sexual compatibility is a lie — building trust is first and foremost

5 inventors who changed the world and speculation as to how they felt about it.

edison: How did it feel when you failed 5,000 times trying to invent the light bulb?

I didn’t fail 5,000 times. I found 5,000 ways it wont work .

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07. 5

5 celebrities that can convince you of anything because of their hypnotic wit

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5 rocks stars who mastered hypnotizing the crowds

eddie van halen

jimmy hendrick

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08 V008 self-hyp
4 secrets to breathing that will usher you into self-hypnosis

first, breath in for 5 to 7 seconds and breath out for 7 to 10 seconds
second, as you breath, feel your body, including focusing on your breath going into your tummy
third, by breathing through your nose and exhaling through your mouth
fourth, focus on feeling a tingling in your body as you do this.


3 things self- hypnosis will not do for you

change a behavior rooted in you before age 5

Trick your unconscious


How self – hypnosis is different from meditation

self hypnosis has a purprose – a desired outcome

5 reasons yoga stretching is great for your health

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10 mark warren
5 things you can do to improve your eyes.

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5 hypnotic techniques you can use to raise your scores on your next test.

Start by listening to our 5 minute meditation recordings before you begin studying.
as you listen, it will focus you on breathing.
once you have listen to the recording, and you are ready to focus on learning something new, set a time limit of no more than 10 minutes.
at the end of this time, ask yourself 1 question, “How do i feel about this subject?”
If the answer is “I’m enjoying learning, continue.”
If the answer is “I feel stuck — i dont feel happy or motivated,” stop.

e. to learn more about overcoming this lack of motivation, click the link below for a brief 5 minute audio recording of how you can overcome this.

5 benefits of 5 to 10 minutes of high endurance techniques.

the hypnotic benefits of quick high endurance exercise

5 benefits of using candles in your home.

5 things you can do in the morning to have a better day

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3 ways to improve our morning routine hypnotically.

Each task you do, such as getting out of bed, stop yourself and say or think, “the task is finished.” Your brain wants closure, so reward it.

You want it to be short and easy to reproduce each day. The goal is to find completion and a state of euphoria for doing the activity.

for examples, click on the link below.

a. you can read different activities people add to their morning routines
b. It will offer a free hypno track our community uses. The track is 5 minutes.


Why modern people prefer a dog to a partner : understanding the unconscious. draft is finished


dogs dont cheat : dogs are faithful


dogs will die for you


they dont care who you sleep with


they are cheap


dogs are our best friend — (not our sex partner)


hypnotic element of a dog


how to have a perfect morning routine by making only small changes

in this video series we will look at the hypnotic secrets to offering your mind, consciously and unconsciously, success with your morning routine.

A First, realize your unconscious knows it is successful although your conscious mind might think otherwise — so congratulate yourself

B lets have a closer look : waking up, stretching, placing your feet on the floor, standing up, and so on, are all evidence of success.

C That’s correct, you already have a successful daily routine as interpreted by your unconscious. So what the problem?

The big lie: you think it should be much more complex, which includes it being longer and filled with many activities. Your unconscious will naturally do this as it becomes more comfortable with the activity.

One of the biggest challenges you face in this change process is focusing on the moment and moving slowly.

The next big lie: When i learn to do something well, i naturally do it very quickly. Although this is true, it takes you out of the moment and places you in a time other than the present – a trance state.


why is a man better than a vibrator


the man makes you feel safe and happy


the man can make a baby with you


the man loves you


the man pays bill —

coming soon : why a vibrator is better than a man

15.5 Learning how to celebrate your hypnotic morning routine sept 4

In the next 60 seconds we will look at a few tips of how to improve your morning routine while changing very little. Hypnotically, you already have a successul morning routine — you just don’t know it — because your conscious mind had decided it needs to be more adult with your morning accomplishments. We will share with you the secrets to begin changing this stupid cognitive (conscious) belief.

A become fully aware of what you are already doing successfully

B notice the beginning, the middle, and the end of each step in the process.

C rejoice in this success – when you do this, you are rejoicing about a process that your unconscious deems a success.

When you tell yourself, “my morning routine is a disaster,” what you are telling yourself is “I am a failure, even though I wake up, get out of bed, wash my face, and eat breakfast successfully everyday.”

Your conscious mind has been taught to sabotoage your unconscious mind. We will teach you how to stop this crazy cycle.

A deeper understanding: when you get angry at an old behavior , and you yell at yourself, it is comparable to yelling at your children for doing the same things you taught them to do. All they are doing is modeling your behavior. The good news is this is easy to fix.

The more you celebrate your successes, the more your unconscious trusts the adult.

Cool huh?

15.6 this video was an experiment — i like it – needs editing but good

Healing chronic anxiety – forgiving yourself

some videos dont fit, for example the little girl smiling while i talk about anxiety

You can see me cleaning my teeth with my tongue – ugh!!!

I did not format the spoken content well


why gay men are better husbands — why hypnotist recommend girls have gay friends


they do exchange sex for favor


they are better listeners – they don’t pretend they are listening


they dont care when they become emotional


they are more emotionally responsive


They are worn out from their partner, so sex is not required from their girlfriends


they are funnier


they are better protectors


Gay guys do not cheat on you with another woman


the difference between self-hypnosis and working with a trained hypnotist

A self-hyposis does not heal root issues, which typically happen before age 5.

B the only way to heal and grow from a root issue, is to get help

5 reasons why sugar ( and fruit) is impacting your health negatively.


how can you know when a man does not want to marry you


let’s split the price of condoms




why is a good dick not important in a healthy relationship


first, it doesn’t taste like chocolate ice cream



16.5 A series 1 E 1

What is hypnosis ?

Definition 1 – not used yet

Hypnosis is when you enter into a trance state by a guide (hypnotist) you trust.

Your conscious yields to them (becomes the watcher) as your unconscious mind allows for change work to happen.

This may sound mysterious but its not: in fact it happens every day (and every night when you sleep)

Defintion 2 – used in V000 Obama and trump : EH Wk1 W1 sept 19

Hypnosis is using language patterns to influence people, especially politically.

16.5 B series 1 E 2

what is a trance state


What is the unconscious mind?


Why is it important to be friends with your parents? draft is finished


when feel better when we stop wasting the energy of hating our parents


you get richer when you are friends with your parents


statistically, children who love their parents do better in life.


they train you (often without knowing it) to have more patience in life


when you become a parent and make countless stupid (fucking mistakes) remembering how your children forgave you will usher in better parenting


we feel better when we have children


5 great quotes from Joe Rogan


great quotes from elon musk


why is it not bad to die alone — huh ???

A instead of taking care of 2 babies

How does dying comparing to shut down a computer?

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5 ways meditation and hypnosis can improve your mental health

triggers you to change your breathing
encourages you to imagine the future — to see it as positive
requires you to take time off from your busy schedule
helps you to focus on your body
e. is filled with positive statements about your value.

5 ways meditation and hypnosis can improve your physical health

  1. the mere thought of “preparing” to do meditation triggers an induction.
  2. you become now focused.

5 reason using make-up is hypnotic.

the strategy we use that stops us from healingMost (if not all) deep wounds begin before we are age 5, so letting go of pain could be translated as “giving up my mother’s love.”

Most (if not all) deep wounds begin before we are age 5, so letting go of pain could be translated as “giving up my mother’s love.”

When we believe this lie, it triggers a strategy we developed before we were age 5.

In your mind, the strategy triggers a belief that sounds something like, “I do not want to lose mom’s love.” A picture or short movie plays in our minds to reinforce the memory.

The movie plays so quickly, we are not aware cognitively that it is happening — but we feel it.

When someone asks, “Are you ready to let go of that fear,” because it’s connected to the only love we knew from childhood, we say “yes,” but our gut says “no.”

How do we stop this pattern?

We interrupt the strategy, and replace it with a new one.

5 ways to improve your study habits by playing video games

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5 reasons learning the rubic cube is hypnotic.

you must focus on several different colors at one time.
the better you learn the skills, the faster you go. You go into automatic pilot.

5 great places to visit in china

5 different times you experience hypnosis every day.

first, while waking up in the morning.

second, listening to music.

third, riding a bike or riding in a car.

forth, staring a beautiful women as they walk past you in dresses.

fifth, listening to dogs barking and it doesn’t bother you — you find it relaxing

If you are not able to find peace in these situation, download our free hypn-track.

5 ways hypnosis help you have better sex

first, sex starts in your mind

second, sex requires controlled breathing

third, hypnosis requires you to focus on your partner — not yourself.

fourth, hypnosis works best as you enter into your partners feedback loop

fifth, deep trance hypnosis requires trust.

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5 great US political figures who who hypnotized the masses!!

JF kennedy
martin lurther king jr
william jefferson clinton

To learn more how each has used hypnotic language, see the link below to the video about this person and their techniques.

This video is not an endorsement of a political party or of a political candidate. It is only intended to be for educational purposes to understand how these men have influenced us.

coming soon: the language they used

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How obama hypnotizes audiences.

5 politicians who failed to use hypnosis to win the people

bush jr
bush sr

What a hypnotic (linguistic) kill shot is and how they work.

Trump used these during this initial run for president and then during his presidency

a. low energy Jeb
b. nice
c. robot

d. pocahontas

e rocket man

5 well know authors who are or use hypnosis in their work

norman vincent peale
jack canfield
scott adams
joel olsteen
Dr Joseph Murphy

If you have others you like, let use know. We are happy to critique famous authors.

5 well know preachers who use hypnosis

joel olsteen
billy graham

Joyce meyer


In this video we will talk about 4 signs a preacher might be using hypnosis — and not God’s power!

In our wednesday video, we will share with you things you can say to the preacher.

A You feel so good during and after you hear a message preached, but you don’t know how to put it into action.

to understand this more, see our journal of action. You can view a page of it for free. not ready

B He says he needs another private airplane to do God’s work

C he loves to preach about tithing, which has nothing to do with you or the new testament church.

If you start to feel “the need” to pay a tithe, you may be in a trance.

C after sitting through a teaching, you feel unsettled that you don’t understand the scripture better, and therefore, must rely on the pastor too much for interpretation.

The last and best

D You were told the pastor was seen in a strip club. When you ask him, he said he was preaching to the girls.


the hypnotic language of preachers

in the next 10 seconds we will be hypnotized

— you will see the hypnotic power of TV preachers —

the screen will flash with many images during the intro as they watch the timer count down:

we will run a series (perhaps 4 or 5 clips) each 1 or 2 seconds, of TV preachers

a transition will interrupt for a second and benn will appear after the intro

i will do the voice over for benny hinn as the music and video of him plays

“now watch carefully and listen to the music ” timing is everything

There are 2 primary hypnotic elements in this video :

A) expectation of a magical event

B) praising song that is just happened

write more elements in the comments below

In part 2, we will look at another preacher


wednesday vid

vid 2

“Hey preacher. I enjoyed how you spoke today the message today (the wording is important).”

For example, do not say, “I enjoyed the message today.” In order to understand the patterns, you cannot get absorbed in the “message.” The message is intended to confuse while making you feel good.

Finish with : Your hypnotic language patterns are impressive.”

If he says, “son, i use whatever words the holy spirit gives me.” You can respond, “I’m impressed. The holy spirit is really good at using hypnotic language patterns.”

To learn more about this, write “Y” in the comments section. We are planning to critique a few preachers and they hypnotic styles.


the moments in tv shows when a main character used hypnosis to change their behavior or other people’s behavior

suits – luios

penn – big bang


5 times hypnosis is described in the bible

5 facts most (or all) train hypnotist learn during training.

1 the mind is extremely powerful
2 hypnosis is not magic

3 the safety and ecology of your client is always the number 1 important factor.

4 if you do not learn to build rapport, your session will have little or no value

and finally

5 hypnosis is not evil or from the devil – it is scientifically founded and supported by neuro psychology.

For more information, about learning about or experiencing hypnosis, follow this links below.

5 religious leaders who understood hypnosis very well, although they may not call it by this name.


5 ways to use hypnosis on your dog

hypnosis is often called by many names, such as influencing strategies. However, 2 elements that are found in most hypnotic trances are rapport and physiology.

The are inseparable and work hand in hand.

5 hypnotic ways to begin a new activity – such as jump rope

A. Your brain loves to wor

5 reasons people fail when they attempt to use hypnosis.

a. they are not ready to change because they believe a fear they have is too big!

b. they think all you need to do is do hypnosis once or twice –

like any other activity, such as exercise, it takes time learn and even longer to master

c. they often say, “I cant see pictures in my mind”.

To test if this is true, look out the window. Can you see the color trees? What are the colors of the homes and cars you see around you? If you can see these images, your mind is working fine and you have movies running in your mind.

5 common social gathering where the facilitators use mass hypnosis

1. rock and roll concerts
2. ballroom dancing / dance competitions
3. orgies
4. sales training for companies, large and small
5. church services, praise and worship services

We listed these as 5 to 1, #1 being the most popular and powerful.

If you want to offer a different order, click on this link and it will transfer to a page where you can choose the order you like.

for example, if you think orgies are most powerful and rock and roll is least powerful, your list will start with 3 and end with 1

If you’d like to respond to this survey by linking to a tiktok poll, write in the comments section the following :

“survey link” or just “link”

Thanks for your input.


Why breaking addictions is a hypnotic process.

your brain naturally creates the process, and it does it naturally ever day.

every habit and behavior you use daily, including breathing, walking, and speaking are all processes.
you brain knows how to learn quickly

d. how do you break it? In hypnosis and tapping, we often call this process, “Bad, good, collapse.” This means, we rewrite the computer memory in your brain.

As a hypnotist and IT person, I understand how memory is “rewritten” in a computer. The process is similar for your brain. After all, how do you think the computer dudes came up with the “brain of a computer?”

We have another expression : at the deeper levels neurologically, all your thoughts, feelings and smells are just data.

!! usable
39 4 day series
how do you know when you are in a trance state?

In this video I will show you how you can test if you were in a trance state or not.

Instructions: as i speak the words, they will scroll across the screen.

A Stop yourself now. Next, ask yourself “What was i just doing?”

If you can remember what you were doing 2 to 10 seconds ago, then you were in the present.

Notice, we didn’t say you can remember what you were thinking about.

If you cannot remember the details of what you were doing before you began listening to this recording, you were in a trance.

You might say, I was watching another video on tiktok. Then you were in a trance state.

B Next step. Ask yourself

“How do i feel right now? if this question creates anxiety, you are in a trance.
If you must think about it for a while, you are in a trance.

The difference between a trance state and being in the present or being in the now is your awareness. Was your awareness (your thoughts) in the now or the past?

If you were in the past or the future, you were in a trance.

Fact anyone can learn hypnosis relatively fast.

Fact, learning to be an effective hypnotherapist requires years of training for most (if not all) because it is the art of learning how to love people by entering into their world, have temporary empathy, and escorting them gently out of whatever behavior (often times it feels like hell) they want to change.

When I work with clients, they describe the experience as being an intimacy that does not include the expectation of being romanced or having sex.

When someone learns how to hypnotize you and sexualizes it, most argue that it violates the tenants of their certification because it creates at an unconscious level a deep trust that is violated.

5 great hypnotic cues (sounds) used by famous people as an anchor to announce the beginning or ending of their show

paul harvey.- good day.

see the links below to listen to each.

People often say, “i dont see pictures or movies running through my mind.”

How to tell a good addiction from a bad addiction — episode 1

Another name for a good addiction is a habit or hobby. The word addiction simply means something you can do without much thought – a learned behavior (or process) you do on auto-pilot.

An example of a good addiction of exercise.

An example of a bad addiction is smoking.

trance vs hypnosis what is hypnosis ?

the most common question i get is “what is hypnosis?”

In the next 60 seconds you will learn the difference between trance and hypnosis.

the answer is simple : a process another another person guides you into, so you can enter a trance state and make changes to your unconscious quickly.

why do you need to schedule a session? live streams and webinars

it is a 2 step process to learn yes or no.

A) review our videos that offer relief for a variety of presenting issues

if these have not solved your problem after using them consistently over 2 or 3 weeks, go to the next step

B) go to our website, sign in, and sign up for a webinar.

I do answer and question seminars once per week. We limit the number of people to 20.

The webinars are recorded but we do not post them online for the public. Our goal is your privacy. If you join, you agree not to make a recording from your computer or the meeting.

If you want to book a session with me but there are no times available in the next 3 weeks according to the schedule, fill out the form and let me know dates and times that works for you.

Since my schedule is often changing, we will consider your schedule and offer different times and dates.

the biggest lie in the healing process

In todays video we will talk about the greatest lie to your healing process.

“i can’t handle the emotions — the memories that will come up!”

I have only 1 thing to say about that.

“Nonsense!!” we see people walk away from painful memories everyday.

one thing you can remind yourself of is “Its over. The event is over. It’s just a story my mind made up. And the story changes every time I go and watch it.”

You might say, “But I was raped. I have a medical report and police report to prove it.”

Watch episode 3 to learn more.

episode 3.

The goal of the therapist is not to gather evidence of a criminal event, such as rape. Instead, our job is to bring healing to the way you remember the event. In other words, we are not questioning if you were raped, and we want to see you healed emotionally and physically from the experience.

When we say the past doesn’t exist, what we are saying is we do not rely on your memory to record the rape incident correctly. After all, who needs to remember such terrible details? What we focus on is that your unconscious is guided into a safe place where it can let go of the pain, and learn lessons.


what would happen if trump and obama became friends (or lovers) and had a baby – what ideas would come from that agreement?


the pro an cons of wearing a rubber


the hypnotic attributes of vibrator s


theology has 2 purposes

first, to fill a room with people that agree with you about a topic , God, that no of you can be sure of

second, to fill a room with 2 groups of people, people who agree with you and people who know you are wrong.

when you all get into the room , you explain why the other is wrong without offering any real evidence, in the end you feel better because you argued either why god does or not exist

We call this being in a trance state.


the hypnotic elements of learning to be autonomous in your teens

good parenting versus bad parenting


What is a Karen? The hypnosis of early childhood abuse

Is megan markle a karen??

Prince Harry and Andrew may be stripped of there royal duties under King Charles.

Let’s look at the unconscious / hypnotic elements involved


the similarities between hypnotists and magicians

Rick ends

Elim Begins

!! like


why women want an engagement ring

!! like


5 reasons why we hate our parents

!! like


5 reasons we love our parents

they give us money

they teach us what not to do when we become parents

when they have sex they try to be quiet

!! like


5 ways to hypnotize your boyfriend

as you are talking to your boyfriend, continue to make comments about your boobs,


give them something they cannot achieve, and compromise for the thing you actually want.

for example : this morning when I was getting dressed, my boobs did not fit in my bra — am i getting fatter?

306 morning routine

l like it — can make it more clear


308 5 shocking facts about hypnosis



hypnosis and psychodelic drugs – what they have in common

A) have you seen the blue fairys when you are on mushrooms?

You can experience the same thing when in deep state hypnosis

B) do you miss the goreous goddess during your mushroom trip

she will meet you in a deep trance hypnosis state


How do the flickering lights in clubs hypnotize you?


How human brain is similar to computer?

CPU to

machine learning

neuro symbolic AI

computer crash in terms of our brain crash

we will give comfort in how predictable our brains are by comparing it to the computers.

321 human emotions and computer

330 magic of linguistics

340 your healing is all maths and linguistics