What is tunnel vision?

And how can you reduce its affect?

Tunnel vision is when you become focused on finishing a project and something terrible happens :

You panic

You may not realize you are panicking, which makes your situation scarier in most situations. Here is an example:

You are preparing for a test. You did not pace yourself as well as you had planned and the date of the test is getting nearer.

You sit at your computer studying for hours, but your memory recall seems to get worse and worse.

The more you gain an awareness of this, the more you panic.

Yes, tunnel vision proceeds a panic attack.

The reason it happens is your eyes, posture, and breathing are following a path set up by your nervous system.

We will not get into the history of this or all the details of what is happening physiologically in your body, but we will say 1 thing:

You are simply using your brain wrong and its easy to correct.


Most likely 1 of 2 things (possibly both) are happening.

First, you are looking up to your right and your imagination is offering stories (options) that are not true but are intended to help you prepare for a “life threatening” event. This part of your brain will not really help you solve the problem. Instead, it gives you a list of reasons (most if not all do not work in our modern day) to die or run like hell.

If you are using this part of your brain to solve problems, your heart and mind should be racing now and you should be feeling terrible.

Good news, your mind is working fine. Bad news. You are using the wrong part of your brain to solve the problem.

Second, you look up to your left and your mind is recalling past events where things did not work well. The problem is those events are in the past. If they did not work out well, the reason your mind still remembers them is to help you learn from them. Once you learn from them, the negative feelings (electrical charge) will decrease or disappear.

All you need to do is give it (your mind) permission to stop giving you this warning.

I know, I know. You are saying, “I can’t be this easy!!”

This is why people day hypnotists are strange people.

So what’s next?

Simple, look up and to the left. As you do ask yourself “what is the picture or movie.”

You probably wont see it because its moving too fast, but you will feel it and you may have some negative thoughts rush past.

If all you do is feel it, begin the tapping protocol.

Remember, it was an event in the past that is trying to help you with the current situation. The past event and the current event may have nothing in common. More on that later.

When I experience a past event emotion, I look up to my left, wait for a picture, movie, audio version, or / and a feeling. When they come, either 1 at a time or all at once, I smile and say, “that event is over. I’m feeling good.” And i either feel the negative feelings “go away” or I add some form of tapping.