Workflow nov

This folder describes different processes we take to accomplish tasks.

Workflow 11:

This is a temporary workflow for purpose of testing

A video is uploaded to bouncepen from my ipad. It has not been changed, which means:

a) the audio will be using only 1 speaker – typically the left side.

b) the file size is probably at is maximum L 80 to 90 mb compared with a garage band type at 720p : 10 or 12 MB

The reason for not changing is to see if the quality of video and audio is changed when you google cloud

c) edits must happen, including converting the audio into 2 (multi) speaker output

Workflow 12:

How do you create and promote an art idea to sell on a t-shirt or cup coaster (etc) on a store like amazon or etsy?


First come up with the idea. It doesnt matter what it is.


Learn about your computer (ipads work also) and download the apps that will help use communicate:

Whatever app you choose, it must have a screen share function

a) skype

b) zoon

c) tencent (chinese app)